Elsie Seen Without Mask, Democrats Lose Mind


Dangerous. Sinister. Unloving. Horrible. Unkind. Catastrophic.

How dare Superintendent of Public Instruction, Elsie Arntzen not wear a mask in the airport of all places? Don’t people know you’re much more likely to get COVID at the airport than anywhere else on Earth? It’s a proven fact, for crying out loud. Starbucks, no COVID. Airports, COVID. After all, this is one of the last venues where such mandates are still in place, replete with signs that say, “please maintain six feet of distance” right before shoving 300 people on a metal tube like sardines in a can of recirculated air. The Supreme Court, or other federal courts, have struck down unconstitutional mandates in most other places, with nearly a half-dozen of Biden’s edicts going down in flames under the weight of the United States Constitution.

But as seen in the airport, somewhere in Montana, the Superintendent of Public Instruction has somehow found a way to be single-handed super-spreader event, sure to spread to Wuhan Flu to hundreds of thousands – hell, maybe millions – of people because she dare take off her Biden-issued COVID diaper. Surely, if anything, this means we need more airport mall cops roaming the airway terminals to make sure that violent pro-facers like Elsie are put behind bars where they deserve. Or, at least, that’s what Democrats would have us believe.

The photo (above) has been circulating on social media in recent days and Democrats have lost their collective you-know-what for a Montanan to breathe freely in a room full of people with masks stretched below their chins. A pseudonymous account going by the name @ThomasP37001423, apparently a voyeur of sorts, taking shots of the Superintendent when caught in a naughty moment of self-assertiveness (or perhaps she was eating, who knows?).

Sporting a sodomy emoji and followed by Ryan Cooney, the infectiously obnoxious son of former Lt. Governor Cooney – who lost by epic proportions in the last election, follows the account (that pretty much tells you all you need to know) has a predictable liberal bent, and were eager to tattle-tell on Elsie via Twitter. And all Montana responded in unison, Who gives a damn?

Democrats. That’s who. Like a dozen of them. Maybe.

All I know is, I fly roughly twice a month and airport employees, TSA, flight attendants and pilots give me a high-five when they see my “Fauci Lied” shirt or ball cap. There was one incident of an American employee who kicked me off for the hat, claiming I wasn’t mask compliant (I was), who was summarily fired as soon as the facts were revealed by fellow employees and travelers. That was a fun adventure, which ended in a bit of monetary compensation from American, an apology, and a flight attendant looking for a new job. But overall, not even folks who work the airlines believe in this nonsense.

But boy oh boy, Democrats have bought it hook, line, and sinker. Each and every one of them knows that the passing of gas can be smelled through at least two layers of clothes five rows back on an airline, but somehow think a surgical mask protects against microscopic molecules, which is as effective as a chain-link fence stopping mosquitos.

They responded in a typical Democrat fashion.

I’d show more, but you get the gist. But Democrats have incredibly short memories. Do you remember when Emperor Bullock, who issued Montana’s mask decree, was seen at two ball games and a graduation party (that’s three times for those who went to public school) without a mask?

And that was the dude who issued the order. Let me refresh your memory with the article, Gov. Bullock Takes Break From Constant Mask Lectures to Attend Game Without Mask.

Why use a thousand words when a picture will do?

One wonders if “A Girl Who Has No Name in Western Montana” (from the tweet above) called Bullock a “dumb bitch” at the time. Somehow, I doubt it. Which, makes me wonder, who best deserves that title.

Good for Elsie. We’re done with the masking poppy-cock. We all are, at least if “we” means “reasonable humans.” Let this article that Democrats are double-minded, and therefore – according to the Bible – unstable (James 1:8).

Also, just for fun, an added caveat…the photo is censored on Twitter as “sensitive content.”

Sensitive is right. Somebody, please find these people a safe space.


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