MDG’s JD Hall Speaking Twice in Cascade County Thursday


JD Hall is not a man that shuts up. Ever. The boot-wearing preacher, famous for his hat and thunderous rhetoric that’s been heard in nearly every city in Montana over the course of the last year, is coming again to speak at the Great Falls Pachyderm on the topic of “Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God.” Hall will discuss the wrong origins of that term and the myths surrounding it, will explain the real origins of that term, and discuss the moral-ethical implications of if it’s a justifiable proposition.

Hall’s lawsuit with a cross-dressing Native American man, instigated by the “transgender” person (no one has transitioned their gender in the history of humanity) will be decided in – of all places – Cascade County under famously liberal judge, Elizabeth Best. The lawyers representing the confused human are Raph Graybill – who is currently suing Austin Knudsen to overturn pro-life legislation, and the Upper Seven Law Firm – who are currently suing Christi Jacobsen to overturn our voter ID laws.

Hall has spoken numerous times in Cascade County, always thus far, with greater and greater turn-outs to see the Eastern Montana preacher. Over the last year, Hall has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the Big Sky State, opining on subjects from CRT to the LGBT, from Marxism to Religion in the Public Square.

It is unknown in Hall will again address Judge Best, as he did only last week in Cascade County, but at the bottom of the article it says, “What to do when Best is the Worst?” You’ll have to come to find out.

But given the distance, Hall will be spending the afternoon with voters and community organizers, using the might of the Montana Daily Gazette to help ensure truth gets out this election season. Gideon Knox Group, which Hall runs, also consults political candidates, and Hall has appointments throughout the afternoon with several candidates for public office to seek his insights.

The big, big event, however, will also feature Randy Pinocci, the Public Service Commissioner for District 1 which serves both Great Falls and Sidney, Hall’s hometown. Hall’s speech will be much different at this event, held at 7PM, and will focus on political strategy to keep Cascade County Red and spread the Red Wave again throughout the state.

Hall plans on dedicating his talk to Pinocci, an example of a fine public servant, and contrast him with self-serving public officials who are selling out our state with ethical and political compromise. Here, Hall will be very specific in how to “Keep the Blue Dots at Bay” and keep Cascade County conservative despite its proximity to Helena and how to unseat a few bad public officials – and he will absolutely name names.

It is rumored that Hall will come bearing gifts to all who attend the event that evening, which will leave them better informed to become a better citizen.

[Contributed by Dustin Germain]


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