Stats are In! Montana’s Favorite Dr. Al Olszewski: Highest Donations From Montanans per Total!!


A recent article came out with monetary statistics concerning those running for the Montana Congressional Seats! Of all the candidates, Doctor Al Olszewski has received the highest percentage from Montanan’s per money donated at a whopping 74%! Undoubtedly, Dr. Al Olszewski is who Montanan’s trust and love!

Here are Doctor Olszewski’s Stats below

  • Olszewski: The former state senator and Kalispell surgeon has raised $413,000, including $295,000 from identified Montanans and $10,000 from his own pocket – 74 percent of his entire take so far. He does have donors from 15 other states, but only $42,000 of his total is from identified out-of-state contributors. He also has received $11,500 from PACs.

And here are Zinke’s Donation Statistics

  • Zinke: The former U.S. Interior secretary and ex-congressman reported raising nearly $1.4 million through the end of December, but only $303,000 is from identifiable Montana donors or 22 percent. Yet he also said raising $266,000 from “non-itemized” individuals, who give less than $200 and therefore don’t have to list their identity or address. It’s likely that a large amount of these funds is from Montanans.

At least $366,000, or 26 percent of his money, came from donors in Florida, Texas, California and the Washington, D.C., area. He got another $175,000, or 13 percent, from political-action committees (PACs). In total, Zinke had donors from 45 states and Washington, D.C.

To read the rest of the article written by Mike Dennison of KPAX Helena click here.

With Doctor Al Olszewski at 74% and Ryan Zinke far below let’s face it the good doctor is Montana’s favorite candidate!

Californian’s loves Zinke. They can have him.

To donate to Olszewski’s campaign please click here.


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