No Governor Ginaforte it’s Not Safe or Effective-


How can the Governor spout something such as the tweet below?

Recently the Governor tweeted the following:

How can he begin to state such atrocities when people are dying from the “vaccine.” How can we trust him? He doesn’t even know it’s not a vaccine. Montana Daily Gazette receives numerous reports from friends and relatives of loved ones who die (and especially after the second Pfizer shot) within usually 4 to 7 days of the often second injection. We’ve received news of at least 15 deaths in Flathead County alone, which means it’s happening everywhere in the state.

A strong young father experienced horrific seizures, horrendous headaches and outrageously high temperatures. People are having strokes, and some are experiencing numbness.

Please remember when you hear a health officer ANYWHERE in the state of Montana revealing a certain amount of “breakthrough cases” that it means a FAILED “VACCINE” (that is, the Covid shot has made the patient sick and often sick to the point of hospitalization). Honest Logan Health nurses will tell you there are many people coming in very sick from these toxic injections with awful side effects.

We haven’t forgotten about your “Pfizer Stock” Governor Gianforte to the tune of almost $800k, which at this point seems (if not cashed out) a possible conflict of interest.

Please, please stop promoting these experimental injections and especially as our little children are subject to them. Even tiny young children will be on the docket soon, which is so very frightening. And remember not one child has died from “Covid” in the State of Montana but our teenage youth have had heart issues (myocarditis) from the toxic injections, which will significantly affect them perhaps the rest of their lives.

What’s it going to take? A child dying?

Stop the narrative. Stop.

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  1. The experimental mRNA gene therapy jab is ‘effective’ if premeditated murder and genocide is the goal. Remember Bill Gates Net Zero Plan to get carbon dioxide (aka plant food) down to zero? This sounds like the roll out of the Green New Deal, a game Satan plays, where death is life, slavery is freedom, and debauchery is holy.

    There is no difference between Republican or Democrat (aka Democratic Socialist), they are ALL compromised. They appear to be ‘all in this together’ and determined to act as useful idiots (a term coined by Joseph Stalin) depriving us of our right to life. It’s a mutiny coming from our employees, the public servants.

  2. What a hypocrite Gianforte has turned out to be. Gianforte purports to be a Christian yet he has $800K invested in big pharma Pfizer who profits from toxic experimental injections containing aborted fetal cells so he and his wife profit off of murder by extension.

    The comment from Diana on how they appear to be ‘all in this together’ is appropo. They consider us to be mere useless cattle they can prod, inject with clot shots designed to reduce the population. Bill Gates is a well known eugenecist as was his father so for Gianforte to get on the bandwagon sends chills up my spine!

    Isaiah 5:20
    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”


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