Flathead CC Pam Holmquist Censors Dr. Annie Bukacek! (Your Slip is Showing Commissioner) -video footage included


Fairly recently, in a swift and rotten move, Commissioner Pam Holmquist censored Dr. Annie Bukacek. The Commissioner panicked as Dr. Bukacek approached the podium to speak during a public meeting in the Commissioners’ Chambers in the Old County Courthouse in Kalispell, Montana.

When the doctor made her way to the stand, Holmquist quickly snapped, “Public speaking time is over!” (to which a resident asked for a motion that three more minutes be allowed for the last two speakers.) Holmquist announced, “You can’t do that” (meaning you can’t put a motion forth), to which he replied, “WELL THEN YOU DO IT.”

Holmquist then “allowed” Dr. Bukacek 30 seconds to speak. At a recent previous Health Board meeting, Dr. Bukacek set the record straight by relaying detailed facts concerning Holmquist’s earlier voting record (along with Ronalees Skees’s) concerning Health Board matters. That did not sit well with the Commissioner, so she certainly didn’t want Bukacek revealing any more facts in “her chambers.” Holmquist would rather Bukacek just not speak at all.

She was frazzled, and it showed.

Dr. Bukaceck was told she could “hand in a note,” and it was then that Holmquist stated, “I will give you 30 seconds” (when everyone else received three times that long or more.)

Holmquist’s tone indicated she was fed up and tired of Bukacek. Commissioner Holmquist, your slip is showing, and all the legislators in the room saw it, and yes, they were appalled. That morning, many in attendance were shocked at how the Commissioner had so blatantly tried to cut the good doctor off.

Open mouth inserts foot. The Commissioner’s ‘faux pas’ was an obvious one.

The truth hurts.

To reiterate, Holmquist wanted Dr. Bukachek to have no say as Bucechek continues to bring up facts about Holmquist’s voting record concerning “Freedom” (or not).

We urge you to examine the video here (starting at 5.55 minutes) as it is crystal clear that Commissioner Holmquist is agitated by Dr. Bukacek (where she was the last to speak but practically had to beg to). You will also witness where Flathead County residents are sick and tired of Health Officer Russell’s illegal and unconstitutional activity and are asking for his resignation. Holmquist really need not run for re-election. She’s past her prime; it doesn’t suit her well.


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  1. What motivated Commissioner Holmquist to squelch Dr. Bukacek’s free speech? Was Holmquist possibly embarrassed for being reminded of her support in March 2020 of only allowing outdoor seating for restaurants and bars while big box government stores remained open at the health board meeting on January 18?

    “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.”


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