Columbia Falls MT: Freedom Convoy Rally! This Saturday (Details Within)


 This coming Saturday, February 12, 2022, there will be a Rally in support of the Freedom Convoy at the corner of Hwy 2 and Hwy 40, near the Blue Moon (if you’re from out of the area, this is near Columbia Falls, MT). If you’ve spent any time around truckers, celebrating what is quickly becoming akin to their own holiday, it’s reasonable to expect that they will pack the Blue Moon until she’s bursting at the seams and keep her up all night with the sound of roaring fog horns and country music.   

 The Blue Moon has a somewhat symbolic purpose in this event. It sits right on the border, where conservative values of Flathead residents butt heads with Leftist/ Marxist ideologies that have corrupted Whitefish, Montana, a once conservative town. Blue Moon represents a front in this ideological battle– a Nexus between a totalitarian regime that expresses tribalism and political symbolism through mask-wearing and stands in stark opposition to its foe; a free and independent people who rely on their conscience and trust in God –not tribal leaders– to guide them. 

 (This news article will be sent out statewide in hopes of drawing ALL OF MONTANA supporters to this event)

Everyone join in and bring a friend! Let’s stand with our truckers for Freedom!

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