Canadian Judge Suspends Father’s Custody of Kids Until He Gets the Jab


In further proof that our neighbors to the North have ample cause to protest the ongoing coronavirus insanity, a Canadian father has lost custody of his three children indefinitely, with the judge citing his vaccine status as the cause for keeping the family apart.

This decision, while shocking, is par for the course for that downtrodden country led by emasculated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has for all intents and purposes been “white knighting” the entire country for the better part of 4 years, in all his progressive and preening glory.

According to reports, the couple divorced in 2019 but have been sharing joint custody of their three children, including a 10-year who is immunocompromised. Trading off weekends, they were making a go at it, doing so successfully and amicably. Then the pandemic hit and the father, whose identity was not released in order to protect the children, refused to get vaccinated.

This prompted the mother to file for sole custody, fearing that the father would infect the children, a petition which was granted. The father has been forbidden from having any in-person contact altogether, even supervised, but rather must do all his parenting virtually.

Making matters worse is how constrained the virus has been. Early into it, the province barricaded itself from the rest of Canada. As a result, there are 800,000 people in the province, and only 265 have people died over the last two years, the vast majority who are over the age of 75. For comparison’s sake, Montana has a population of 1.085million people and over 3000 deaths. If you dig a bit deeper, only 30 or so people under the age of 44 have died in the last two years, or about 1 a month.

It’s on this basis that the judge has ripped apart this family.

Along with sole custody of the children, Justice Nathalie Godbout also ruled that the mother is allowed to vaccinate them against the husband’s objections, and that he has no right to dictate what medical treatment they may receive.

The judge explained that she reached this decision with a “heavy heart” but that it was best for the decision, pointing out that she did grant the father “generous” time to parent them via the phone or through video calls.

He will regain joint custody again as soon as he and his wife get vaccinated.


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