Bozeman MT: MSU and Bozeman Public Schools Drop Masks Monday!


In Bozeman, MT, the tyranny is over where school authorities revealed the masks mandates are done for both Montana State University and Bozeman Public Schools. Monday is emancipation day.

Residents and parents and students are beyond ecstatic and had this to say,

Monday, February 14th (Valentine’s day) will be a new day for Bozeman students and others who are beyond overjoyed as to what is coming. Freedom at LAST!


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  1. I disagree with Brenda Roskos’s enthusiasm regarding the “end of tyrrany” at MSU and in Bozeman public schools. It’s not freedom when authorities grant people their rights and expect people to rejoice and forget that these rights were illegally taken from them. It’s not the end of tyranny unless all are directly responsible for violating the human rights of students and parental rights for informed consent will be held accountable for their actions and lawmakers will ensure that nothing like this can ever happen again. In my opinion, the most important part of the Gazette’s article is the “I had a lengthy talk with their insurance company today.” School boards trustees, school principals, and all teachers who wanted to know the truth had plenty of evidence that masking kids harms children and provides no benefits in preventing the spread of the airborne virus. They knew that they had many non-invasive options to reduce infections in classes but they opted to sacrifice children for somebody false sense of security. They are guilty of crimes against children and must be held accountable. Only then the tyranny will be over.

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