Dr. Al Olszewski VS Mary Todd- “Experience Matters”


Quite recently, Mary Todd of Flathead County threw her ‘hat in the ring’ and signed the paperwork to enter the campaign to run for MT State Representative for Congress. She is now running against Dr. Al Olszewski, Allen McKibben, and Ryan Zinke on the Republican ticket. (For the sake of this article, we will be focusing only on Olszewski and Todd).

While many believe Todd to be “kind and congenial” the fact of the matter is, as she herself shared, “I’ve never run for political office before.”

Todd apologized for her role as a former pastor (because she knows many conservative Christians view it unfavorably), but it somehow “just happened” by default. (That’s still not Ok as God’s Word forbids women from being in pastoral roles).

Perhaps one of the most concerning elements of her running for such an intensive position in the Federal Government (besides having never been in any political office) is her obsession with the Chinese Communist Party.

Granted, we don’t want to make light of it, as Todd has explained publicly and even written a book concerning her son’s horrific death in China. However, the issue lies in her hyper-focus on the CCP. Yes, we all need to be very concerned about the Chinese Communist Party, but it’s not the critical element on which to run a campaign.

There are other factors to take into consideration as well. A superbly run campaign takes MONEY and lots of it. It takes a lot of time and preparation, and fundraising, and it seems Todd may be behind in all of those areas.

In a former article (click here to read) put out by Montana Daily Gazette, we linked another article (click here to read) that contained the following information.

Republican Mary Todd: The Kalispell businesswoman, who entered the race last October, reported raising $114,000 through December – although almost half that money, $54,500, came from her own pocket. Of the $60,000 she raised from donors, at least $32,000 came from Montanans, and $11,000 came from Californians.

Pay special attention-“although almost half of that money, $54,500, came from her own pocket.” It’s exhausting to try to run your own monetary campaign this late in the game unless you really have the means to and time is running out for Todd where she’d need to be playing catch up just to fundraise when there is a huge list of issues to educate the public about.

Dr. Al Olszewski is experienced. He’s been a legislator in Helena; he’s run for Governor all the way up to the Primary. He’s given countless talks and speeches and he’s prepared for this challenge. He’s more than ready.

There’s much wisdom in doing the preparation that’s needed. Todd should run for House District or a House-Senate seat before undertaking a task this monumental. There is also a myriad of other local community projects to get involved with, such as local board positions to apply for.

The first stop within the political journey should not be Washington D.C. where many cannot handle the pressure.

We wish you well Mary Todd, but we are encouraging you to step down and to take on something easier to handle. We wish you all the best, and we sincerely mean that.


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