What is Nullification? Overturning the Tyrannical Tide-


This week’s topic via “The Constitutional County’s” Blueprint no. 9 is entitled “NULLIFICATION.”

The dictionary describes “Nullification” like this:


nuhluh-fahy ]See synonyms for: nullify / nullified / nullifying / nullifier 

Verb (used with object),nul·li·fied,nul·li·fy·ing. To render or declare legally void or inoperative: to nullify a contract. To deprive (something) of value or effectiveness; make futile or of no consequence.

Read what that says, “to render or declare legally void or inoperative.” When we nullify a marriage, for example, it ceases to exist.

“When governments operate unconstitutionally, the constitutional
thing to do is disobey. Governments cannot trample on our rights without local consent
and support.”

We are seeing examples of this everywhere in the United States right now. Protest after protest has been taking place against everything imaginable. We are protesting everything from masks to the toxic Covid Injections, health departments, illegal voting tactics, the abolishment of Freedom of Speech (and especially free speech coming against deplorable antics such as transgender activities and sexual abuse against children).

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Another area (and rightly so) United States citizens must always engage in is our intense pushback concerning our “Right to Bear Arms.” Multitudes of Americans stand strong against the tyranny of those who want to rid us of our guns. It is profoundly important that we not back down one step from this platform, for if we give them an inch, they will take a mile. We see examples of this in Australia, and it’s not faring well for them. They willingly gave up their guns, and now they are overrun by a tyrannical Government.

According to the Founding Principles, all of the above are entirely opposed to our Constitution and rights.

“A sheriff should not arrest, a district attorney should not prosecute, and a jury should not condemn a person whose rights are being trampled on.”

We are thankful to see Sheriffs such as Sheriff Mack and Sheriff Jesse Slaughter (who runs Cascade County) abiding by the Founding Principles, and keeping their “Oath to the Constitution.”

Question: Why do we demand “Oaths of Office?”

Answer: To protect ourselves from Unconstitutional measures and hold the “Oathkeeper” accountable.

Below is the “Oath of Office the President of the United States” which is taken upon the duty of his newly held office.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

(Ironically, the President we have now has broken the very Oath of Office he promised to uphold.) He has broken the Constitution time and time again and is not only abdicating protecting our Constitution but he is certainly not defending it either.

What is the purpose and significance of the Oath of Office?

“The oath is an important ceremonial gesture signifying the official start to one’s term in office. Importantly, it is a means for the official to make a public commitment to the duties, responsibilities, and obligations associated with holding public office.”

If such an Official does not live up to their commitment or oath, they must be removed immediately. An oath is a binding covenant or PROMISE to uphold the responsibilities of said office and serve the people within their jurisdiction. It is a very serious thing.

This may sound radical; however, it is not. We must not just rubber stamp officials into an office and then allow them to corrupt that office. We must hold each and every elected official accountable for their actions and make certain they are upholding their “Oath to the Constitution” at all times.

Anything less than that is “null and void.”

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