Kalispell MT-Logan Health: Whistleblower Nurse Reveals, “Mice and Flies and Over-Running Garbage”


A nurse (who chose to remain anonymous) contacted Montana Daily Gazette and shared the following.

“It’s getting so bad up here (referring to Logan Health in Kalispell, Mt) I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to last.”

She revealed how it’s so “disgusting,” and mice are running around, and flies and garbage are so full they are overflowing.”

She continued, “Yes, there’s a lack of nurses and janitors, but the liberal nurses are just SO LAZY. It’s seriously so disgusting. The other day I took on and worked a very long shift, and during that time, I bathed three people. They are so thankful they were practically in tears thanking me over and over again.”

We asked her the simple question, “Don’t these nurses bathe these people?”

Her reply-

“No, very little.”

There you have it, folks. Most nurses just simply do not want to work that hard. To the point where this nurse is so appalled, she’s ready to call it quits. Sure there are shortages. Sure, people are quitting because of the crazy mandates, and sure, nurses become “traveling nurses” to make astronomical amounts of money. But there is no excuse for laziness. This nurse was compensated exceptionally well for taking on such a long shift and felt the least she could do was bathe these desperate patients.

This is really happening in Montana and, yes, right in Kalispell. This type of behavior is never acceptable under any circumstances.


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  1. I believe it. My brother in law, passed, due to neglect, in the Whitefish Care Center, September 2020. They hid the starvation, the lack of bathing residents, under the guise of Covid. It’s not my job attitude must be rearing it’s ugly head right now. They are too busy killing people to actually care for them 🙁


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