Police Shake Hands, Hug Protesters as The Coutts/ Montana Blockade Comes to an End


Alberta RCMP officers shook hands and hugged protesters to the sound of horns blaring and the Canadian national anthem being sung in the background, making peace and showing respect for the participants of the blockade as the Freedom Convoy and its leaders rolled out of Coutts.

The protesters left voluntarily and the border was reopened in both directions, showing that this truly was a peaceful event despite the vast majority of politicians and media sources decrying them as hateful, vitriolic, and racist.

While the blockade was peaceful, there was a small criminal organization that attempted to co-opt the movement for their violent ideological goals, and police arrested 11 people who have ties to this organization. They seized several guns and at least three people have charged with conspiracy to commit murder, after they were tipped off that this group was preparing to use violence against the officers if forced to leave.

While none of this should cast any aspersions on the peaceful patriotic Canadians, media sources have already taken this and weaponized it for propaganda purposes, seeking to paint the thousands who attended as lumped together, calling it “Canada’s November 6.”

Two days ago, the simping Prime Minister Justice Trudeau implemented Canada’s Emergencies Act, which used to be called the War Measures Act, in order to deal with the protests. This act has never been used before in the country’s history, and its predecessor has only been used three times before- during both world wars, and after a known terrorist group kidnapped and killed some politicians in the 1970’s. This has given him unprecedented power, illegally achieved, as he’s framed the protesters as domestic terrorists. Global News explains:

“Under this act, bringing children to the antigovernment blockades, participating in the protests directly, or bringing aid such as food or fuel to those involved could result in a fine of up to $5,000 or five years in prison.

Blockades are not allowed on Parliament Hill and surrounding streets, official residences, war monuments, airports, harbors, border crossings, piers, lighthouses, canals, interprovincial and international bridges, hospitals and COVID-19 vaccine clinics, trade corridors and infrastructure needed for the supply of utilities including power generation and transmission.”


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