Joe Russell: Brags about Restaurant “Gold Star” and FDA Regulations-Ignores FDA Informed Consent-

slicing eye of round roasted beef with knife

Today in the most obvious of all “Red Herring” moves, Flathead County Health Officer Joe Russell showed off how proud he was concerning “FDA regulations” and the “Gold Star” of restaurant protocol.

Russell wants to go “above and beyond” the typical B+ or A+ restaurant standardized tests and straight to the “Gold Standard.” He was all giddy that several restaurant employers and employees are “taking their temperatures” and should be rewarded accordingly with accolades and a “Gold Star” rating etc.


This is nothing more than a silly bureaucratic move to get the focus off what really matters, which is the lack of accountability on Russell’s part to provide FDA Informed Consent REQUIRED BY LAW for Emergency Use Authorization concerning the experimental “Covid Injections.”

Russell continues to break the law, and when reminded repeatedly by the public that he’s bound by law to provide “Informed Consent” concerning such “injections,” he just stares like a deer in the headlights.

Russell is more panicked that someone’s roast beef might be half a point undercooked than he is if a 6-year-old gets the toxic shot and their parents have zero clue what they’ve gotten themselves into.

As one public comment speaker today stated, “When people go to the doctor for an allergy shot, they have to sign paperwork. When they get dental surgery, they have to sign paperwork. But when Russell administers experimental injections, no one has a clue what’s in them. How can a parent make an informed choice concerning the injections if no one is informing them!”

Russell’s job as Health Officer is advertised as available, and we URGE those in Montana who exhibit true Montana values and are willing to be transparent and accountable to the public (and uphold the LAW) to apply IMMEDIATELY.

An upset stomach from undercooked beef will be like a picnic in the park compared to the death of a child via the experimental injections.


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