Flathead High School: Bryce Wilson, Michele Paine-“Let Boys be Boys”-(Suspend the Real Stuff)


In this age of “Wokeness,” we say, “Let the Kids Play.” This is the stuff Boy Scouts were made of.

What on earth is the big hissy fit over? So what if a group of boys played with Orby guns (similar to Nerf guns) before school and at the lunch break?

Obviously, the tyrannical school administrators never played “Cowboys and Indians” or “Cops and Robbers” as kids on their school lunch breaks (or maybe they did, but now it doesn’t fit their “Woke” agenda).

They are probably worried these boys will go full rogue after playing with toy guns and go on a school shooting spree. (They should’ve been more concerned about past suicides via depressive school measures and masking/quarantine madness which is and was a sheer indicator of suicides). You can read Montana Daily Gazette’s article here concerning Flathead High School and suicides where we also called out Principal Michele Paine’s tacky move when the case was still under investigation. Studies show that (especially boys) who go on a rampage and kill students and others with real guns are A. usually fatherless and B. on psychotropic drugs such as antidepressants and anxiety meds.

If kids want to run around on their lunch break and shoot each other with Orby guns, let them BE for heaven’s sake. Stop mollycoddling, boys. 10-year-olds were fighting in the Civil War, for Pete’s sake. Back in the day, almost everyone (at least where I went to school in Whitefish Montana brought real LOADED guns in their pickups (unlocked no less), including the principals and the teachers. No one even DREAMED of shooting anyone or taking those guns out or playing with them. They were for hunting and protection. When boys are emasculated, that’s when society gets into real trouble. Any two-year-old toddler will pick up a stick and try to shoot his 4-year-old sister. It’s a God-given instinct to shoot at anything (especially for boys) and a heck of a lot safer than male students painting their fingernails on the school lawn (but that’s another issue).

Boys being boys.

At least 8 high school boys received a FIVE DAY SUSPENSION. That’s right. Boys can no longer be boys on school grounds, but those smoking pot or caught with marijuana on school grounds get a TWO DAY SUSPENSION.

These people are crazy; there are straight-up loonies running these schools.

Articles – The Centre for Independent Studies

Sure let’s emasculate these boys. Schools stifle kids enough; let boys be boys. But that’s not all. Here almost a week later, students are STILL being harassed. The school resource officer tells students that “During school hours, schools are private property, but its public property after school hours.” Say what?

And with that narrative, the resource officer is snooping through students’ cars in the parking lot, and Principal Michele Paine, is snooping around snapping pictures of students and she’s opening their car doors, as is the Vice Principal, Matt Allison, and the Athletic Director, Bryce Wilson. On Wednesday evening, some students were outside playing with their Orby’s at 7:30 at night (don’t forget it’s back to public property by this time) and, Paine and Wilson were following and harassing them!

Photos: Flathead High Remodel - Flathead Beacon
Paine harasses students over “play guns” (Go home and wash the dishes, Michele)
Bryce Wilson - Flathead High School
Bryce go find another hobby instead of harassing kids; most weren’t fond of you before this madness.

Good grief! Don’t they have better things to do like chores?

Everyone needs to chill out and let the boys (and girls) play “cops and robbers” or whatever and go back to yesteryear a little bit.


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