Missoula MT: (Continued) Teenage Girl Illegally Injured by Toxins Via MCCHD


Several months back, we revealed in a blockbuster story unveiling where a Missoula teen was illegally injected not once but twice with the toxic Pfizer injections. Horrifyingly frightened via the “Covid Propaganda” at Big Sky Highschool from tyrannical leaders such as Rob Watson, who CONSTANTLY promoted the dangerous substance (saying it was safe) drove the teen to seek out the Pfizer Injection. Frantically she then asked a family member to take her to the “mall” to be inoculated at a clinic hosted by the Missoula City-County Health Department. The Department ignored the fact that the one attending the teen was not her parent (which is required by law, and only a parent or legal guardian can provide a signature prior to injection). In this particular case, only the father has legal custody of the teen.

Approximately six weeks later, her father found her “vaccination card” and asked if she, in fact, had received the toxic shots. She then admitted that she had. Her father had shared previously how against the “Covid Vaccine” he was and made his views abundantly clear.

And it was then that the teen became ill. She shared with her father how she saw ‘spots’ before her eyes which eventually turned into wavy lines. It was then that the headaches (more like migraines) began accompanied by an extreme lack of hunger and utter exhaustion coupled with depression.

Fast forward to the present. The teenager is exhausted beyond imaginable, sleeps most of the time she is not at school, is unable to hold down a job, and her quality of life is far worse than before she was injected. In fact, her health was quite good prior to the two “Covid” Pfizer injections.

Below you can read a testimony written by the victim’s father, a resident of Missoula.

Since our previous interview, I reached out to the sheriff, the chief of police, the county attorney, and many other legal officials as well trying to file charges against whoever “vaccinated” my underage child against my will, and every one of them refused to claim that they didn’t believe that I had the right to deny her being vaccinated. She is 16 years old, and I am her legal guardian, who is on public record at case DR-09-708.

I took her to a heart specialist, where she was diagnosed with Vasovagal near Syncope. She continues to have migraines, troubles sleeping, eating, keeping fluids down, and has most recently been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety disorder.

I have had a couple of encounters with the Superintendent, Rob Watson, as they were encouraging children to obtain a THIRD vaccination and booster shots and sending emails to children about adult matters. This has escalated her behavior to the point where she has anger and anxiety that she can no longer control, and I have to take her out of school.

Both the superintendent and the School Board directly interfere and intentionally undermine parents and sabotage children.
I reached out to a legal firm that has taken multiple parents’ cases
(one who is part of my extended family). They asked me for help, and I sent them several documents; however, they will not help me with my case with my daughter and will not allow me to be part of their suit against the school board.

So basically, my child was violated against my will and consent, there is no legal recourse, there is no justice of any kind, and I’m supposed to just go along with it because of the unwillingness of law enforcement officials to do their job.

You can read the former article concerning this situation written by Montana Daily Gazette here.


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