After a Year, Montana Prisons Yet to See $2.5M Earmarked for Them


Not one penny of the $2,500,000 earmarked for Coronavirus relief in Montana jails and prisons has been spent yet, despite the state listing a dozen desires on their wish list over a year ago.

When COVID first hit, Montana was given two and a half million dollars, their share of the $700 million awarded as part of the DETECTION & MITIGATION OF COVID-19 IN CONFINEMENT FACILITIES program.

The plan, designed to ensure prisons had the resources to properly manage and control the spread of COVID, was supposed to have been implemented a year ago, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have stymied their efforts after determining that their original plan only addressed mitigation efforts for Department of Corrections facilities, rather than county jails and other small confinement centers.

Furthermore, the CDC gave the squinty eyes to some of the items on the list, such as $100,000 for a generator or $40k for an Emergency Response Vehicle, asking them to justify their spending and explain how exactly these things would help mitigate against the virus.

Nonetheless, being only a small portion of the total monies allocated, they gave the go-ahead on those items, providing they revise the plan to include the aforementioned smaller jails. They resubmitted on Feb 4 and the CDC has yet to respond, putting the project is in a state of limbo.

To date, only half of Montana prisoners are vaccinated, with the other half refusing to take the jab. Unlike other states like California and other progressive hellholes, Montana has not released any prisoners on account of the virus.


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