Looney Whitefish Resident Unleashes Venom Upon Dr. Bukacek at Health Board Meeting


There’s never a dull moment these days at the Flathead County Health Board meetings, which take place in Kalispell.

A week ago, Thursday was a doozy when Commissioner Pam Holmquist’s gavel was in full force as she threatened, “Do I Need to Clear the Room!?!” Bonnie “Z” (or just Z as she calls herself) was in rare form and cut completely loose. Holmquist didn’t need to clear the entire room, but she sure needed to give “Z” the boot!

Bonnie (as you will see for yourself in the video below) is one seething Whitefish resident who is known as a comrade of Cherilyn Devries (Montana Human Rights Network Staff and George Soros funded organization) and the head of “Love Lives Here” a liberal leftist group that frowns profoundly upon true Patriots. They detest real freedom and let that be known loud and clear. It’s highly possible that “Z” is a part of this group and paid to show up and cause a ruckus at places such as health board meetings.

“Z” was spewing venom when she hissed, “How’s that diversity of ideas appointment working for ya Pam?” (meaning why would you place someone as diverse in her thinking as Doctor Annie Bukacek on the health board) to which “Z” followed up with “Which brings me to the darling of the domestic extremists-Quack Annie!”

The angry and hostile public commentator didn’t restrain herself and sounded a great deal like you know who from the “Wizard of Oz” (“I’ll get you my pretty!”) as she hurled insults first at Commissioner Holmquist then next at Dr. Bukacek.

In this case, diversity is the definition of a cognitive, rational, and logical thinker like Dr. Bukacek. Bukacek oftentimes is the ONLY ONE voting the opposite of most if not all of the Flathead County Health Board members. Even the other Doctor who sits on the Board (Peter Heyboer) is a chair filler in a blue Teflon coated mask and doesn’t give a hint of input from what I can tell.

A while back, Bukacek voted for freedom (against lockdowns for restaurants and bars, etc., in the county) and was the only member of the health board to do so. A week ago Thursday, she voted against the “Gold Star” ratings that restaurants aim to achieve via the Health Department (because hey, if they check the temperatures of their pork chops, they could get more customers). But that’s what restaurants are supposed to be doing anyway. Bucacek’s rebuttal was, “Don’t we already have an A+ grading scale? Do we really need more bureaucracy?”

No, no, Doctor Annie, we don’t because the health board’s JOB is to deal with REAL issues like holding the Health Officer Joe Russell accountable for his sloppy illegal maneuvers such as not handing out Informed Consent Forms (required by law) to parents and children who are receiving the toxic “Covid” injections via the Health Department and spewing nonsense where Russell stated, “According to the DPHHS, Health Officers don’t have to follow House Bill 702 the way others do” (which is the vaccine discrimination law). That’s a bold-faced blatant LIE.

Russell makes stuff up as he goes and tries to cover up for lies along the way. (Except bright citizens catch him because he sucks at it).

Bukacek was also the ONLY health board member to “table” the vote of canvassing mosquito chemicals countywide until she knew exactly what the ingredients were. Wise Flathead County residents appreciate this kind of careful and thoughtful process because isn’t the job of a health board to LOOK OUT for the actual health of their county?


Keep up the good work Dr. Annie Bukacek. That health board has balance (diversity) and SANITY because of YOU.

(Watch from the beginning until minute 2:15 to see “Z” in full-blown action). You will see she is paranoid as she ‘wipes’ down the podium and refuses to talk directly into the microphone as if the “Covid germs” could jump off the mike at her.

For more great articles in this “Flathead County Health Board Miniseries,” check back right here with Montana Daily Gazette, your favorite Montana conservative news source.

This article was sponsored in part by Citizens UniteForJustice- To find out why Pam Holmquist should not run for County Commissioner click here.


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  1. Thanks for the video. That saying about pictures (videos too) are worth 1000 words, as well as providing security against false claims, still holds true.


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