Montana Judge Rules Nurses and Midwives Can Perform Abortions


As Attorney General Austin Knudsen remains embroiled in a legislative knife fight with the hive of scum and villainy known as Planned Parenthood- the apex predator of the baby-killing world who are seeking to stop a raft of pro-life laws coming into effect, a Montana District Court judge has gone off on a limb and ruled that the grisly practice of abortion is no longer a task relegated to licensed doctors but rather certain midwives and nurse practitioners may perform them as well.

The case, Helen Weems vs. The State of Montana, was initially brought forward over four years ago. Weems is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) who owns All Families Healthcare, which is a sexual and reproductive health clinic in Whitefish. A radical pro-choice activist, she argued that because she has advanced medical training, she has the same level of skill, knowledge, and competence to perform an abortion as a trained physician would and that Montanan women have the right to obtain medical procedures from whomever they wish. Lewis and Clark County District Court Judge Mike Menahan agreed, writing in his motion:

Naturally, Knudsen spokesperson Emilee Cantrell said that they planned to appeal, noting:

“Once again abortionists sued to lower the standard of care for Montana women in order to further their financial interests in performing as many abortions as possible.”

With nurses and clever midwives now able to perform abortions, and the state currently battling Planned Parenthood on implementing three other anti-abortion laws that were previously passed but blocked after being sued by the bloodthirsty giant, this is a difficult but critical time.

Abortion in the state is a dirty business, with few standing up who are completely committed to seeing the slaughter of babies in the womb end. Knudsen has been a phenomenal ally, but that’s more than we can say for many so-called Republican pro-life politicians.

Ryan Zinke would be one that we can’t trust to fight tooth and nail over this issue, given his record on abortion has been checkered at best and abysmal at worst. In fact, he brazenly lied to hundreds of witnesses recently by claiming that he is “100% pro-life” despite joining Democrats in voting AGAINST three critically important pro-life bills early in his tenure. We wouldn’t trust him in any capacity to stand up and be counted.

At the very least, this ruling has shown that the battle for the soul of the state has just begun, and we need men and women with unwavering gazes and spines of steel to stand with us and bring this scourge to an end.

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