David Dunn House District 8: Conservative Values, Integrity, Morals, and Honor


Recently Montana Daily Gazette interviewed David Dunn as he is running for House District 8 for the upcoming 2023 session in Helena. We discovered amazing things about this hard-working solid conservative individual and are really impressed!

What are five important reasons you personally decided or wanted to run for House District?

It is an integral part of my faith to stand in the gap for an individual’s liberty. I love my country and despise our federal leadership. I was elected in 2019, and I had a plethora of legislators tell me to run again. I cherished my job experience in Helena. I think I have a lot more to offer the people of Montana, and I have recently completed the hard part of planting 10,000 haskaps on 8 miles of hedgerows, so I now have time to dedicate to politics. Preserving an individual’s liberty is everything; it is the basis of the political renaissance of the American revolution.

Open photo
David Dunn’s farm. Magnificent.

What are your biggest strengths?

I’m a natural-born leader. I know how to listen and don’t worship my ego or career. My faith grounds me and gives me a solid perspective on right and wrong. I get more joy from helping others succeed and leaving things better than I found them.

Open photo
David Dunn-Natural leader and servant to ‘We the People.’

What do you think are several of the most pressing issues our state is facing?

We have an overabundance of income tax revenue; however, property taxes are becoming a burden for everyone in our county and (I assume) the state. Montana has been fiscally responsible, but our Federal Government is being led by neo-Marxist Bernie Sanders types, which will further destroy the dollar’s purchasing power. We have a housing crisis currently due to the pandemic and popularity of Montana.

What area are you serving? (Where do you live)?

I would like to serve the people of West Kalispell, House District 8. I live on the North Side of Farm-to-Market Road, a half-mile north of Lodgepole.

How many years have you been doing this, or is this your first year?

My political journey started in 2018 when a kind lady from church asked me to run. I would have never imagined how amazing the 2019 session would be for me. Furthermore, I would never have guessed how fast I could upset the moderate portion of the Republican Party with one slightly frustrating “Letter to the Editor.”

What was the deciding factor that made you want to run?

I think I have the skills, energy, and time to push conservative policy wins for the people of Montana. I have an intimate knowledge of the inside politics of the party and would prefer to unite the caucus in promoting liberty and financial opportunities for the people of our beautiful state.

What is your “every day” position?

I own and operate a small farm that was raw land in 2012. It’s been a dream of mine to homestead and own hard assets. Last year I planted 8 miles of a perennial honeyberry called a “haskap.” It was the climax of a 3-year project that I found extremely difficult and challenging, yet fulfilling.

The “haskap” is a sweet and tangy berry that tastes like a cross between a blueberry and a raspberry!

Can you give us a little information about yourself and your family, including hobbies, etc.?

I’m single currently looking for a Christian wife. I snowboard, tinker with motors, and am really passionate about lifting weights at Fuel Fitness at the moment. Most of my life in the past decade has revolved around building my farm and the many different challenges that has been. I can run a backhoe pretty decently and am especially good at trenching water lines.

Open photo
More hard work on Dunn’s farm.

I’ve been here since 2011. I moved to Montana after a near-death experience in college at the University of Washington, wherein I learned eternity after death is very real, and it’s heaven or hell exactly how the Bible describes it. I live in the county about 15 miles from Kalispell and 8 miles from whitefish.

I love the attitude of the people of Montana as they are truly unique. A handshake and eye contact go a long way, and I love the genuine character of the people of our magnificent state.

(Montana Daily Gazette) David Dunn is a true Patriot. He represents a life bent toward liberty (with true conservative values) and will fight for all Montanans to live free and will do so with strength and courage!


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