‘It’s Great Being the Most Hated Man in Helena’ Says AG Knudsen, as He Blasts State Supreme Court


Attorney General Austin Knudsen was the keynote speaker at the annual Lincoln-Reagan Republican dinner at the Duck Inn Olympic Room in Havre on Sunday, and in a 19-minute barn-burning speech, he didn’t hold back when discussing the litigation work he’s been up to that has made him, as he proudly noted in his opener ‘the most hated man in Helena.”

In particular, he highlighted how he’s been fighting the government on four different federal vaccine mandates, three of which have been struck down and sent back to hell from whence they came. (Ed. Note Our words, not his) with the CMS Healthcare Worker vaccine mandate being the last one standing, and which he is currently fighting “tooth and nail” to defeat:

“That’s where we are right now, literally. The litigation is still ongoing. We’ve got an appeal in the 5th circuit, and we’ve got an appeal in the 6th circuit in front of a really really good Trump federal judge in Florida. But, lots of wrangling on this case, lots of legal procedures.

We’re trying to get back onto the District Court level with an amended complaint, get that back in front of our District judge. But the 5th circuit has got us a little jammed up. So my point, this case is not over. We’re still fighting this case. I truly think the U.S. Supreme Court is gonna have no choice but to look at the constitution, look at what Joe Biden has done in this case, and say ‘this power doesn’t exist. You do not have the power to order this huge sector of our economy, healthcare workers, to get this mandate. So we’re still fighting that one tooth and nail.”

Rising to the occasion, Knudsen also called out two state supreme justices by name and urged those in attendance to pay attention to the judicial races, because there are people on that bench that need to go.

“Folks, we have got a tremendous judge problem in the state. It starts with our Supreme Court….Please, please pay attention. Judge Ingrid Gustafson is up. Hardcore leftist. She’s done a tremendous amount of damage to the judiciary and our criminal court system. Literally releasing criminals back on the streets. And there is no nice way for me to put that.

We’ve also got Jim Rice is up. I could go on about him. He had some choice things to say about me in a few opinions. But former Republican legislator who I think now has Stockholm syndrome. Been on the Court for a long time and he just goes with the Democrats on the Court. Again, there’s just no nice way to say that.”

Unlike the Federal Supreme Court where Judges are elected for life, in Montana the seven justices are selected through non-partisan elections to 8-year terms, where there are listed on the ballot without an indication of their political affiliation. So far, both Rice and Gustafson have declared their intention to up for another 8 years, with the latter filing the paperwork already.

You’ll recall that it was only a year ago that the Supreme court was embroiled in an email scandal, and that furthermore, they successfully managed to kill it.

In follow-up comments, he would add that Gustafson “truly does not believe in incarceration, she does not believe in the criminal justice system” and about Rice that “the longer he’s been on the Supreme Court, the worse his decisions have gotten. He’s gotten further and further left and votes with the left that’s on the court. I think his court opinions speak for themselves.”

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