Challenge the Judiciary: Judges, Courts, and Corruption-Example: Montana Supreme Court Justices


This week, we cover no. 6 of “The Constitutional County,” where we will be learning how to CONSTITUTIONALIZE THE COURTS.

The Judges and Courts are covered under the term Judiciary. 

The job of judges is to “protect the law” at all times, and the Founding Documents are the Supreme Law. The problem, however, is judges tend to ignore the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, and they have negated (or nullified) the Constitution. 

Values then get replaced with their opinions and ideas, wherein they make up their own decisions. The Judiciary is absolutely corrupt and deceitful and has failed us as a nation and failed to protect us. It steps on and crushes our values. 

The nine Supreme Court Judges have taken the place of our Founding Documents. Because these judges have been given tenure for LIFE, it gives them “license to practice treason with impunity.” In other words, at all times, they ‘do whatever they darn well please’ and have zero fear of anyone stopping them. 

This is NOT what our Founders intended, and it’s not how it was in the beginning. “They have created a fake jurisdiction of a fake USA, with fake PERSONS, controlled juries, and deceptively substituted their jurisprudence for our common law.”

“What exactly does the above sentence mean? What is Common Law?”

What Is Common Law?

Historically, common law was understood to be something the People controlled. “That which derives its force and authority from the universal consent and time immemorial practice of the People” (Bouvier’s Constitutional Law Dictionary, 1856 edition). The king could make the laws, but the People, as jurors, could judge the law as well as the facts. This was one of the crucial advances of Western Civilization; the People would have the last word.

Over time, the definition of common law was corrupted. Today, it is considered to be jurisprudence, the legal precedents established by the courts. This has the effect of once again making the king’s laws supreme and making an understanding of the law impossible. The People, therefore, are incapable of responding.


  • Common law as originally understood gave the People the last word
  • Common law defined as jurisprudence puts the King back in control
  • The Common law, also known as case law, is a body of unwritten laws based on legal precedents established by the courts.


Reclaim the original meaning of common law.

Titles: Rename the parties to reflect their true rule. The power lies with the jurors acting as the ultimate authority. Change their title from “jurors” to “judges” since that is their role. Rename “judges” to “referees” since that is their role.

Definitions: Eliminate the doublespeak. Define the terms to be used at trial, in layman’s terms, give and explain those to the jurors, then use those words only in that sense. The definitions should be consistent with common understanding. Restore, for example, the meaning of “common law” to its true historical meaning.

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Jurisdiction: Before any proceedings, the judge must explain in layman terms the jurisdiction of the court, whether federal or state, and whether constitutional or administrative. Definitions of terms should also be defined, then used in that sense throughout the proceedings.

Founding Principles—The jurors are to be given copies of the Founding Documents (Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution) and instructed they may be admitted in court and considered in deliberations.

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Judges = Referees

Priority–In reaching their decisions, Jurors shall prioritize laws in this order: Founding Principles (Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, the Constitution for the United States of America and laws made pursuant thereto, common law, jurisprudence, rules, and regulations.

Finality: Judges shall not challenge nor override the Jury’s decisions.

Referees- (Judges) must receive copies of the Founding Documents (Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution) plus a Constitutional definition of Common Law and a complete exact explanation in common language of their Constitutional role. (It’s hard to fathom that many judges have no concept of such things.)

“Admissibility Counsels may participate in their
examinations and arguments refer to the
Declaration of Independence, Bill of
Rights, Constitution for the United States
of America, and common law in addition to
laws, jurisprudence, rules, and regulations.”

Jurors- (real Judges) decide– In reaching their decisions, Jurors shall prioritize laws in that order. Nothing can be construed in a way that would defeat a higher law. SCOTUS decisions and other jurisprudence must be presented only as an opinion, not as law. Referees (Judges) shall not instruct nor override the Jury’s decisions.

Justice, Law, Court, Judge, Judgment
Jurors = Judges

It’s as though the roles of Judges and Jurors are reversed from what we have in today’s world.

TruespeakWords may have but one legal definition, one that is consistent with common usage. “Person,” for example, shall only reference a human being, life beginning with conception. “Person” may not be used to reference legal fictions, such as corporations and trusts. Entities named with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS are not persons. It is unacceptable to confuse terms ideas as to throw off the jurors.

Flags- shall correspond to jurisdiction, and none bear fringes. For state jurisdiction, only the state flag shall be present. For federal jurisdiction, only the federal flag shall be displayed.

Montana State Flags - Nylon & Polyester - 2' x 3' to 5' x 8'
Montana State Flag
July 4th: The histories of all 27 U.S. flags for Independence Day
United States Flag

To learn more about “The Constitutional County,” click here and make sure to join! It’s free, and you will be astounded at what you will learn. Be prepared to help free your county, then teach others to do the same!

Multiple articles have been written by Montana Daily Gazette concerning the shifty activities involving the Montana Supreme Court Justices. You can read those articles, which include their unethical practices here, here, and here. These articles are a prime example of precisely what the Founding Fathers did NOT want concerning the judiciary system.


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