Doing our Part? Gianforte Looking to Dump Any Russian Assets Held by State


Governor Greg Gianforte has joined several other states in formally declaring their support for Ukraine against the aggressive and invading Russians, and that Montana will do all it can to minimize any benefit the crazy-as-a-rat-in-a-coffee-can Putin may be getting from us by divesting all their assets. Gianforte previously said at the start of the invasion:

Putin’s unprovoked invasion of the sovereign, democratic Ukraine is an egregious act of war. Montana stands with the freedom-loving people of Ukraine and continues to pray for their safety. The United States and our democratic allies should respond immediately with sweeping, strict, comprehensive sanctions against Russia.

Now, in a letter sent to all State agency directors, Gianforte noted that “Russian President Vladimir Putin is waging a vicious war against the sovereign, democratic Ukraine” and that “the State of Montana will not support Russia’s war against Ukraine through our assets or operations.”

Pledging to anything he can to “remove any benefit that supports or advances Russia’s vicious war machine,” he notes that he’s already spoken to most of the directors informally about his intentions, but now wishes for them to do so in a more normal way, writing to Montana Board of Investments, Attorney General Austin Knudsen, Secretary of State, Christi Jacobsen Commissioner of Securities and Insurance and State Auditor Troy Downing, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen to:

“Conduct a swift, thoroughly review of conduct a swift, thorough review of assets and operations that may benefit the Russian government, its supporters, and any institutions aiding Russia in its war against Ukraine. Please advise me of those assets and operations, as well as a suggested course of action, as soon as possible.

My office has been working with the Montana Board of Investments to determine what assets the state holds with Russian institutions. The board has identified approximately$15 million in assets tied to Russian interests, and I am proud to report the board is in the process of divesting.

With the collapsing Russian economy and the crashing ruble, I ask all state agencies and appropriate boards to review investments and quickly identify assets connected to the Russian government, its supporters, and any institutions aiding Russia in its war against Ukraine.”

In short: Montana stands with Ukraine.


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  1. Jewish USA installed Zelensky doing his transvestite dance:

    I’m not saying Putin is “good”, but the state department and CIA supported revolutions in:
    Iraq (fake wmds and hung saddam after fake show trial for tying to sell oil in gold backed dinar, not usd)
    Afghanistan (taliban not even involved in 9/11)
    Libya (Gaddafi sodomized with a bayonet for attempting to sell oil in a gold backed dinar instead of the usd)
    Just about every middle eastern nation
    Just about every central and most South American nations
    Most of these nations ended up with USA installed puppets as leaders who were worse that who was there previously

    Not judging if putin is good or bad, but I don’t think he’s stupid or crazy and just woke up one day and decided to start a war for no reason — he is reacting like he felt threatened and cornered.

    USA did color revolutions in just about every country on earth and then the same cia who colluded against trump installed the transvestite degenerate zelensky, who CNN supports. Now they were using Ukraine to start sh*t with Russia, and Russia reacted. I don’t think putin would have done that without feeling threatened. Putin and trump got along just fine.


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