Hold My Beer: The Zinke Files Break Tuesday


Montana Daily Gazette and our fearless leader, JD Hall, has been on a sabbatical as of late, taking care of some legal issues caused by Planned Parenthood and the LGBTQ Mafia, preaching Christ around the countryside, and getting some vitamin D in a slightly sunnier part of the country. But, JD is back on Tuesday with something in hand – the opposition research into Ryan Zinke, an F-rated “conservative” and Washington swamp creature, and will be slow-dripping the jaw-dropping news on Zinke until the primary election.

When asked about his plans, Hall responded, “I’ve seen the evidence on Zinke. Trump endorses anyone who hasn’t stabbed him in back; brownie points. But given his voting record, military service record, and the fact he spends taxpayer dollars like a drunken sailor, I’m going to need some explanation from the governor and Senator Daines for their endorsement. Zinke is basically Mitt Romney, or Liz Cheney, except with more skeletons in his closet. We’re about to put those skeletons on the clothesline.

While we’re awaiting Hall’s return with the Zinke Files in hand, some anecdotal evidence has appeared we feel is apropos to the contrast between Zinke and his opponent, military veteran, helicopter pilot, surgeon, statesman, and actual Montanan, Dr. Al Olszewski.

As the Zinke Files will demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt, Zinke has used his status as a former SEAL (he has been demoted for misconduct, and should not be using that moniker to describe himself) to live a playboy lifestyle, splitting time (but not equally) between the Southern Sun of California with one tip-toe in Montana, itching to go back to Washington to be wined and dined once again by the Washinton Swamp creatures. And they are eager to have him back as well, with Olszewski outraising Zinke from in-state donations but Dark Money Washington cash flooding into Zinke. What favors has the frat-boy-turned-politician promised in return?

Although the Zinke Files will reveal far worse, as stated above, the picture (below) is apropos for where Zinke today finds himself.

Have a beer with Ryan Zinke? Oh, what a privilege. He can tell you war stories about pushing paper for the Seals and doing their paperwork after their mission (before being demoted and the title stripped from him), or maybe being dismissed by his Interior Secretary gig in a Republican Administration for wasting taxpayer dollars (at least the third time in his career). A fiscal conservative, he is not.

What was Al Olszewski doing March 11? It wasn’t having a beer at a dive bar, playing beer pong. Olszewski was doing his hard work – per usual – meeting at the Southern Border to survey the damage being done by the Biden Administration. In an email sent the next day, Olszewski said, “Just this week I visited the Yuma Sector of our Southern Border fellow conservatives…to see first hand the immigration crisis at our border.”

The contrast between Olszewski and Zinke will become clearer and clearer starting Tuesday. Zinke, clearly thinks he has this in the bag with a few notable endorsements – but he lacks on – the Montana Daily Gazette and our thousands of readers. If we want to drain the swamp, it’s best we send a guy who doesn’t drink away his life like a ‘good old boy’ while he’s been outworked 10 to 1 by his only viable opponent.


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