John Fuller: Candidate of Expertise-Senate Seat District 4- Professional, Knowledgeable, Educated


When Montana Daily Gazette interviewed John Fuller on why he is running for Montana Senate Seat District 4, we were highly impressed by his knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. We think you will be too.

Senator John Fuller and Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen.

John, can you share with us the most important reasons you want to run for Senate?

First off, I am committed to defending the values of America and Montana. As a lifetime educator, my goal is to enrich and empower the role of parents in their children’s education especially considering current trends to isolate parents from their children. The positive effect of parental involvement in their children’s success is undeniable.

Defending human life at all stages is inherent in our shared Christian and American values and is of utmost importance.

As a veteran, knowing that Montana has one of the highest per capita populations of veterans, we must provide incentives for veterans to invest in the Montana economy. Our veterans bring incredible skills and work ethics and provide tremendous value to our workforce, economic growth, and development.

Our 2nd Amendment rights are crucial to defending our freedom which is under continued assault by those who believe that only the government should possess firearms. I oppose asking permission from the government to exercise an “inalienable right.”

Thirteen pro-Montana bills that I supported and were enacted by decisive majorities during the last Legislature are under litigation in our courts. The overwhelming support of the Montana public is being annulled by a court system that claims more authority than the will of the people.

As a lifelong hunter, camper, and hiker, I have observed the shrinking of our access to public land. I intend to resist that trend and find creative ways to improve public access to our national treasure.

What would you say are your greatest strengths?

My most obvious strengths are my experience in the Legislature, teaching American Government, Economics, and History for over 40 years, serving on the Montana Board of Public Education, serving as a field representative for a Montana Congressman, and my experience of representing the community as a teacher, coach, elected official, and leadership skills learned while a Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army (Vietnam). My voting record is self-evident, and my sponsorship and co-sponsorship of successful legislation are also well-recognized.

What do you think are several of the most pressing issues our state is facing?

The most pressing issues facing our State and Flathead County are problems shared by all freedom-loving Americans. Obtainable housing, inflation, rising energy costs, and possible shortages, as well as rising crime, increasing mental illness issues such as depression in our children, and shocking suicide rates amongst our youth and veterans. The pandemic of drug and alcohol addictions, supply chain shortages, workforce development, excessive Federal encroachment into Montana’s sovereignty, the crushing debt being placed on our children and grandchildren, and the cultural war against our American and Montana values stand out as the most obvious.

How many years have you been involved in politics and serving the public?

I have been actively involved in politics all my life, beginning as a youth handing out campaign literature, teaching American Government for over four decades, serving as a Governor-appointed board member, serving as Flathead County Republican Central Committee Chairman, and then serving in the Legislature itself.

What was the deciding factor that made you want to run?

I still have legislative goals to accomplish; such as a State cemetery for veterans in Northwest Montana, exempting retired veterans’ pensions from the State Income tax, workforce development for our veterans, defending the unborn, increasing the technical career opportunities for young people, protecting Montanans’ access to public lands, enhancing our 2nd Amendment rights, and securing sustainable and adequate funding for our educational system without raising property taxes.

What is your “every day” position?

I am a full-time husband, father, and grandfather who also serves as the people’s representative in the Legislature. I spend my spare time caring for our horses, dog, and a cat that add value to our lives.

John enjoys precious family time. Family is everything.

Can you give us a little info about yourself and your family, including hobbies, etc.?

My wife and I (Cynthia) have one son, two grandchildren, and two step-grandchildren. The focus of our lives is our faith and being disciples of Jesus. We both enjoy riding our horses, hunting, flyfishing, and in my case, competitive shooting. Back in the day, I won two national titles shooting Civil War-era rifles and carbines. I have participated as a competitive wrestler, coach, and referee for over 40 years. As my college coach once said, “Wrestling is the only sport, all of the others are games.”

John, his lovely wife Cynthia, and their best buddy.

How long have you lived in Montana and the town you now reside in?

We have lived in Flathead County since 1996.

What about Montana do you love the most?

Montana is still a “small town with long streets.” Wherever you go in Montana, a stranger is a friend that you have not yet met, and we all share a love of the “Last Best Place.” Montana is still a “Free State,” and both my wife and I are confident we know where we are going when we die, but we plan to leave from Montana.

We strongly encourage those who are able to give to Fuller’s campaign to do so by clicking here.

John, thanks for spending some time with us and allowing us to get to know you better. It is obvious you are a man of integrity and intelligence as well as vast experience! We wish you all the very best!


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