Zinke Files 2: Zinke Sought Endorsement from Pro-Abortion, LGBTQ, Illegal Immigration Group


If you want a pro-life Republican (but I repeat myself), there’s only one viable option in the race for Montana’s second congressional district; Al Olszewski. Yesterday, we exposed Zinke’s demotion from the SEALs and his dishonorable military service (according to those who served with him and over him), but today we will look at the voting record for Zinke on the issue of saving lives, particularly those of the unborn.

In short, but all accounts, Zinke is a pro-choice politician, with a voting record more in line with mid-line Democrats from conservative states like Senator Joe Manchin, rather than a tried-and-true, “babies are people, too” Republicans.

First, let me begin with the words of those who know Montana politics – and Ryan Zinke’s voting record – like the back of their hand. According to a May 5, 2014 article in the Associated Press, Montana’s stalwart Republicans stood opposed to Zinke, particularly on the issue of abortion. In fact, three – yes, three – former Montana Republican chairman opposed Ryan Zinke on this issue, including John Brenden of Scobey, former U.S. Rep. John Hill, and former gubernatorial candidate, Ken Miller (a legitimately godly and wonderful man).

According to the article, “They take issue with Zinke’s past legislative votes on issues such as natural-resource development and question his ties to a political-action committee he founded.” And it quoted Ken Miller loosely as saying, he “supports any candidate other than Zinke.”

However, in stunning news – from Politico – Ryan Zinke courted the endorsement of the radical pro-abortion and pro-LBTQXYZ group, the Montana Human Rights Network. To familiarize yourself with this blood thirsty, baby-butchering organization, we have already written extensively about them at Montana Daily Gazette. The “Montana” Human Rights Network (it is funded by outside Dark Money) helps fund and run a rabid pro-LGBT anti-family group called Love Lives Here, right in Zinke’s hometown of Santa Barbara Whitefish and Kalispell, a group terrorizing conservative organizations for years. Aside from being funded by the Montana Human Rights Coalition (MHRN) it is also funded by Open Society Foundation (George Soros).

In fact, the Montana Human Rights Coalition – which again, supports Drag Queen Story Times at public libraries, childhood sex changes, abortion on demand, and sodomy-on-display – even wrote an article about yours truly, warning the public that a Bible-believing pastor might be dangerous, effectively attempting to demean my reputation despite my theology being little or no different than most throughout the state.

In my op-ed in response to their anti-Christian drivel, I wrote…

Montana Human Rights Network is an organization funded by out-of-state money, to affect the Montana political scene, masquerade as locals, and care nothing about civil rights. They are for open borders, the chief transport for sex trafficking. They support abortion, apparently, the civil right of life be damned. They support pedophilia and sexual grooming (drag queen storytime, anyone?), sexual perversion, and destruction of basic American values.

Their website claims to have the purpose of saving Montana from the bugbear of “White Nationalism,” and “hate,” but if you’ve ever been at one of their events you can easily see which direction the hate is coming from. According to the group, a racist sky is falling…

I continued…

The Montana Human Rights Network is a pro-LGBTQLMNOP organization that also lobbies for infanticide. As you can see in the photo from the group’s Facebook page, they organize marches and rallies promoting sodomy throughout western Montana.

The group supports pedophile storytime at local libraries and does its best to indoctrinate children with the anti-science mythology of “transgenderism.” Most recently, they were opposing HB112 and HB113, which forbade doctors from forcing underaged children to mutilate their genitals.

The Montana Human Rights Network is a Pink Slime group, meaning that they appear to be locally funded and staffed, but are actually an out-of-state Dark Money organization designed to affect local politics. You can see how they spend their money below:

Now that you’re aware of how truly evil, anti-Christian, anti-baby, and anti-family this organization truly is, I would ask why Zinke would be courting their endorsement. And yet, that’s what happened.

In detailing he waffling on life issues from the perspectives of his Whitefish neighbors (when not residing in California), the Politico author wrote a few amazing lines, the latter more incredible than the former…

Neighbors recall that Zinke didn’t seem quite sure on his positions on abortion rights or other divisive issues, but made it clear he would try to be true to the spirit of his relatively progressive hometown.

He eventually labeled himself a “Teddy Roosevelt Republican” and reached out to local conservation groups and the Montana Human Rights Network to seek their endorsements.

This explains why Zinke voted against deporting illegal aliens and is for open borders and amnesty (a later post detailing this will follow), as you can keep in mind the MDG has already reported the Montana Human Rights Network has been promoting illegal immigration to Bozeman. A flier, obtained by an MDG reader, was brought back from Mexico and I personally put it into the hands of Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen.

The ad promises no passports or paperwork are necessary to come to Bozeman, where they can be treated like Citizens (ostensibly, to vote) and be given welfare.

Notice the logo in the lower right hand corner belonging to the Montana Human Rights Network.

Here are some questions. Does Montana really want a “Teddy Roosevelt” (environmentalist) Republican? Do we really want someone with a pro-choice voting record (more on his voting record will be released in coming days)? Do we really want an open-borders, amnesty Republican that will turn Montana into a sanctuary state? Gianforte – who has endorsed Zinke – tried to make us a sanctuary for Afghanis and it resulted in the rape of a Montana woman within a week. Will he learn his lesson and pull his endorsements?

Zinke might claim a home in Whitefish, but his values are from California and Washington D.C. We want a conservative, a Montanan in the heart, and that means the only viable choice – Dr. Al Olszewski.


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