A Lesson in Transgenderism-Breaking it Down-(Video Presentation Included)


What you are about to watch will give you the tools to grasp and help break down the subject of “transgenderism” for yourself and those around you. We are in a crisis worldwide like never before in history and it would do us all well to understand and help educate others on this timely topic.

Prepare yourself to help reveal the truth to the broken world around you.

You can watch this AMAZING case study below.


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  1. There no break down necessary. There are two and only two genders. As a society we cannot accept the falsehood that this is anything but metal derangement. It’s repulsive, and profane. Until a few years ago the CDC classified this as a mental disease until it became a political hit potato. Homosexuality, trans, and all the other sexual maladies are the product of a godless depraved mind, nothing more nothing less.


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