Flathead Bravettes Possess an Exceptional Future-Student Spotlight on Akilah Kubi (Video Footage Within)


Something unique and special is happening with the Flathead High School Girls Basketball Team in Kalispell, Montana. Once in a great while, amazing chemistry takes place, and that is precisely what has transpired with this particular group of young women.

Montana Daily Gazette chose to interview an exceptional Bravette with an extremely bright future.

Akilah Kubi exudes the heart of a team player/leader and is an incredible student.

Akilah Kubi Flathead Bravette-Junior at Flathead High School.

It is wonderful to chat with someone of exemplary character and who exhibits such a strong vision and excellence.

“Akilah, can you share with us how long you’ve played this sport and why your coach is so special to you?”

“This is my 10th year playing the sport I love, and I’ve played with several of the girls on our team all these years. Our coach is very special to us as he values what we say and takes it into account. Our opinions matter to him, and he goes out of his way to connect with each of us.”

“What do you realistically foresee happening with the team next year?

“I see our team winning state next year. Six of our seven total players will be seniors and will have been playing together for approximately 8-10 years which has helped us to trust each other and work closely together.”

“What do you perceive to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses as a team?”

“Our biggest strength on the court is our connection with each other and the fact that everyone knows their specific roles. It’s hard to think of a challenge for us going into next year, but it’d most likely be free throws.”

“What are your plans next year after graduation, and what do you foresee yourself doing?”

“After high school, I am planning on continuing to play basketball at whichever college offers me the most generous scholarship and has excellent academic standards. Professionally I will be pursuing a medical degree. Right now, I am taking 6 IB (International Bachelorette) classes and maintaining a 3.8 GPA.

“Akilah, that is extremely impressive! We wish you much success in the future in all you pursue.”

Akilah giving her all.
Strong, determined, talented

Montana Daily Gazette extends their congratulations to the Flathead Bravettes!

To read about the rest of the team, their coach, and view video footage, click here.


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