Dog Gives Hitchhiker a Ride-Possum Tags Along


Once in a while you just have to stop and ponder life. When a woman let her “Chow Chow” dog outside the last thing she expected was to see it return with an O’Possum attached to the underside of the creature!

Cats are well known for bringing unwanted visitors into the house in the form of birds, mice, and chipmunks. But dogs? Well, they usually don’t get into that sort of mischief. That’s why one dog mom got the shock of her life when her Chow Chow returned from being let out for the evening with a wild animal attached to his body.

The video of the pup and his new friend was shared on TikTok by @dukeof hawthorn. In the clip, you’ll hear the dog’s mom explaining what happened, saying, “So I just called my dog in for the night and there’s something dark attached to his chest.” That’s when she discovered that the pup, Duke, had a little baby possum clinging onto him.

Watch this crazy video to read to learn more! This article was first published by ‘PetHelpful’ by MARY HAWKINS


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