EXCLUSIVE! Kalispell SD5 Installs Facial Recognition (Spy) Cameras on Schools-(Even Neighbors are Exposed!)


The crazy Kalispell School District 5 School Board has done it again. This time with interrogative surveillance “Facial Recognition Cameras” outside SD5 schools. There are multiples of these cameras that have been placed outside Flathead High, Glacier High School, Linderman, the AG Center, and more. Additional surveillance spy cameras have been installed at Kalispell Middle School and Edgerton. That’s right folks they are even spying on your grader schooler.

On the west side of Kalispell, these cameras even peer into the nearby neighboring homes. The School Board had these put in over spring break.

Big brother is watching, and no one is safe anymore, and yes, the notorious school board voted these in a month ago. So much for actual RELATIONSHIPS with students; they just want to spy on them. These people are wicked and cause harm to your children. This plan is certainly not the way to win friends and influence people. it’s very reminiscent of “camps” (if you read between the lines….)

No description available.
These cameras pick up audio and count people too
No description available.
Installation service
Big Brother is watching…(We mean you, Furer Micah Hill…)
School Board District 5, we know what you’re up to.
This school board is seriously nauseating.

These are smart cameras count people and pick up their conversations. What is this? Germany 1940?
Evil personified
“intelligence Analytics” reminds us of the CIA, doesn’t it? Your children are NOT SAFE!
Artificial Intelligence coming to a neighborhood near you..

Well, folks, there you have it. Your children are being spied on, including the neighbors across the street. We highly suggest you call and write the School Board and Micah Hill IMMEDIATELY and tell them how utterly disgusting this is and that you won’t stand for it for one minute. This is the United States of America, NOT CHINA.

Even Flathead High School Assistant Principal Matt Allison bragged to a student as he was in the school looking through the computer and stated “Now we can see right inside students’ cars.”

Do not delay! Email the school board today!


Here is Superintendent Micah Hill’s email


Superintendent’s Office – 751-3434 (Ring that number off the hook!)

Ready for a change? Read here about why Flathead County Commissioner Pam Holmquist needs to be voted out.


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  1. Unless you are a parent and notify them that you are pulling your child out of the indoctrination camp they call ‘school,’ there is no point to email school trustees. They believe that your children are disposable property of the government and your opinion doesn’t matter. As long as you continue sending your children to their schools, you agree with them. Slaves don’t have the right to privacy.

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