Gianforte Allows Firefighters to Receive $17.20-(Less Pay than Walmart Greeters)

A United States One Dollar Bill that has been Twisted Around Itself

Greg Gianforte announced in January a whopping pay raise of $1.70 per hour for probably the most demanding job in the entire Northwest and frankly, that’s embarrassing. The article below addresses how firefighters deal with mental issues and physical trauma.

“It is incredibly grueling and mentally and physically.” 

And then they wonder why it’s hard to get applicants. To begin with, pay them more! These are the hardest working men and women in the state of Montana!

“Hiring seasonal firefighters has always been a challenge, but it may be even more difficult this year.

Management from some of the agencies that handle wildland firefighting testified at a legislature environmental quality council meeting in Helena on Wednesday.

The Montana Department of Natural Resource Conservation (DNRC) needs about 100 summer seasonal firefighters to go along with its 120 to 180 full-time employees in the fire organization part of the agency.

“We’re not entirely sure when fire season starts, how many people (we) have in those positions,” said Sonya Germann, Montana state forester and DNRC forestry administrator. “So we’re in the very beginning of the hiring process. Right now for our seasonal firefighters.”

Germann says the DNRC faces the same labor shortages seen in the private sector.

Gov. Greg Gianforte announced a minimum base pay increase of $1.70 per hour to $15.50 per hour for seasonal wildland firefighters in January. But the pay is just one of the challenges in hiring.”

You can read the rest of the story here. This article was published By: David Jay of KPAX News.


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