Op-Ed: Flathead County Commissioner Candidate Jack Fallon-(Unethical and Unconstitutional)

A young woman with black hair and black eyes looking at the camera from behind a white mask.The photo was shot with a full from DSLR camera in horizontal close up composition.The mask is on the left side of frame.

Jack Fallon is running for County Commissioner of Flathead County. Unfortunately, he is neither wise nor patient.

The following Op-Ed was submitted to Montana Daily Gazette by an anonymous resident of Flathead County who quite frankly has had enough of Fallon’s nonsense.

“Oh, Jack, you should know better. Especially running for Commissioner of the County, do you not even respect the regulations? It doesn’t surprise me that you are completely ignoring Flathead county zoning regulations by putting up your signs two weeks too early. Let’s not forget during “Covid,” you completely ignored the Constitution, trampling on students’ and parents’ rights the entire time. Jack, read the bold print at the bottom of the regulation where it states no earlier than 60 days! That’s April 8th, Jack, since the election is June 7th.

I gotta hand it to you, Jack; it was a great laugh from down deep in my belly. CONSERVATIVE!?!? My taxes have gone up over 50% in the last eight years while you’ve been on the school board, and most of these tax increases came from school bonds and levies. Raising taxes is the opposite of conservative Jack!”

“Well, by jumping the gun and putting up signs before it is allowed, he doesn’t care about the rules; he’s somehow above them. The County Commissioners are the ones that make the ordinances, and he is completely ignoring them.


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