Swimmer Will “Lia” Thomas and Sesame Street Have These Two Things in Common-


Will Thomas is “Not Like the Others” Will Thomas just “Doesn’t Belong.”

In perhaps the best picture to demonstrate exactly how different Will is from the young women he wrongly competes against, the contrast is highly distinct.

In the Sesame Street song “One of These Things” the analogy is striking. Let’s face it Thomas sticks out like a sore thumb or in this case a “big boot.”

Don’t be like Thomas.

Thomas is big and is an XY, the women are smaller and are XX.
Just like the “Big Boot” Thomas is big. Thomas is bigger than the women (represented by the littler shoes)-Thomas doesn’t belong.

Will Thomas has completely opposite DNA from the women he is competing against.

Don’t be like Thomas; don’t be a “big boot.”


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