The Zinke Files #4: Pro-Abortion Candidate, Evidence is Clear


Zinke’s well-organized and well-funded Dark Money campaign financed by Washington insiders would have Montana’s conservatives believe that he is under attack by liberals. This “victim signaling” is designed to draw the defense of Montana conservatives who will always be eager to defend those who share our conservative values. The truth of the matter is, Zinke will never have the full support of the left, but if left with a binary choice between the pseudo-“conservative” Ryan Zinke and stalwart conservative, Dr. Al Olzseweski, Zinke will absolutely receive their undivided support.

In recent days, a bevy of advertisements have come out from the Zinke camp, claiming that it’s liberals attacking his record.

Zinke was fired by Trump due to his willful and repeated waste of taxpayer dollars. He is part of the swamp that Trump pulled the drain plug upon.

This is controlled opposition, a movement led by stronger or occupying forces that only have the appearance of legitimacy. In reality, this controlled opposition is opposition is controlled by the stronger force, and designed to fail. Without a doubt, the strongest opposition to Ryan Zinke is not Democrats in Montana, who have little chance that their primary victor will win the general election, the odds of which are nearly insurmountable. The greatest opposition to Zinke are Montana’s conservatives, who have been tracking Zinke’s record from his troublesome military experience to his liberal rank in the Montana legislator, to his grand waste of taxpayer dollars in Washington.

In an appeal for money – who was enriched by corrupt land-deals while in office – Zinke says, “

Pelosi and her peons know I’m dangerous. If I make it to Congress, they know they’re in trouble. I just got word that they’re mobilizing huge cash reserves to stop me here and now. 

This is bad. Really bad. The SEALs made me tough. I don’t like to ask for help. But I’m fighting for more than just me. I’m fighting for millions of Americans whose struggles the Dems have ignored entirely. 
Please. Bring up the SEALs more often.

As the Zinke Files will demonstrate as time progresses, Zinke is barely (if at all) in actual Montanan, has a strong Democrat-leaning voting record, and has little to no allegiance to the Constitution he swore – on multiple occasions – to uphold and defend. In this particular expose’ we will expose his pro-abortion voting record and will provide documented evidence showing that he does not uphold the Republican platform on this issue.

If all that matters to Republicans is name recognition, or service in a particular branch of the armed services (despite his opponent having a more honorable track record in the military), then Zinke is certainly the man to vote for. If all they care about are endorsements from fellow Helena or Washingtonites, Zinke – again – is their man.

However, for the principled and informed voter, only one serious congressional candidate truly upholds conservative, Republican ideals, and that man is not Ryan Zinke.

Few issues are more important to Republicans than the Right to Life. The sacrificed blood of the abortuary floor is the Communion wine of the religion of Statism, and the Democratic Party is eager to keep life unsanctified and abortion legal. So is Ryan Zinke.

In a 5/14/14 article from the Montana Standard entitled Zinke’s Votes on Abortion Draw Fire Draw Criticism but he’s pro-life (the last part is surely sarcasm, it outlines his habitual votes for abortion while a senator from Whitefish. While Zinke has received the endorsement from the president of the Right to Life Montana – Gregg Trude – back in that race, it was not kept in a written scorecard but in the Right to Life president’s head, stating, “It’s pretty much all in my brain.”

His brain was clearly fallible. The organization itself made no endorsement of Zinke, a stinging rebuke. Mostly this is because Zinke reived a 65 percent score from a group that advocates for a woman’s right to abortion, NARAL Pro-Choice Montana, in the 2009 Legislature. Most Republican legislators receive a zero. In this case, Zinke voted pro-choice more than pro-life.

At the time, Matt Rosendale pointed out the differences between the candidates on abortion and stated, “Ryan supports abortion up to 20 weeks.” At this point, Montana conservatives realize we can trust Congressman Rosendale. And this was no baseless attack. At the time, Rosendale also acknowledged opponents, Elsie Arntzen and Corey Stapleton were pro-life, but refused to give the title to Zinke. Former Congressman and gubernatorial candidate, Rick Hill, also attacked Zinke on his pro-choice voting record. So did former gubernatorial candidate, Ken Miller, who claimed that Zinke has “flip-flopped” on the issue.

The Standard reports…

In addition, three Billings women representing the Montana Legislative Action Fund of the Concerned Women for America, a conservative group, told the State Bureau in recent individual interviews that they met with Zinke at his Billings office March 11. They said they were stunned when Zinke three times told them he supported legalized abortions during a woman’s first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

“When given the opportunity to elaborate on his statement, he offered no other stipulation that would prevent him from supporting abortions up to 20 weeks,” said Kari Zeier, state director of Concerned Women for America. She said the group does not make endorsements.

When discussing abolition – the criminalization of infanticide, Zinke said callously, “My position has always been clear. Roe v. Wade is not a legislative issue. What you want to do to make termination as rare as you can through education and prevention and make sure the government doesn’t advocate or financially support termination.”

Rare. That’s Zinke’s position on abortion. Safe. Legal. Rare. It’s the same as Hillary Clinton’s.

He went on, “The sanctity of life can be protected by what you can make a difference on – education and prevention,” Zinke said. “That is birth control. That is educating our youth, both male and female. on the consequences of action.”

Clearly, Zinke has given up all hopes of overturning Roe v Wade judicially or legislatively. Furthermore, Zinke seems to fail to understand that certain kinds of non-barrier methods of “birth control” contained abortifacients that allow the conception but not implantation of the human being in the womb, or that the “morning-after pill” is falsely called “birth control.”

In 2009, NARAL’s votes were so so high because he voted against personhood bills that would acknowledge the unborn as human beings.

In addition, Zinke voted against SB46, to amend to Constitution to protect the lives of the unborn, as well as HB406 which would have protected the unborn in a similar measure.

In Intelligent Discontent (11/13/13), subtitled, “A Pro-choice and Pro-life Politician Run for Office,” it pointed out that “in 2011, Zinke claimed the government had no role in restricting access to abortion.”

Zinke claimed….

“In 2011, Zinke told the Whitefish Pilot that he opposes government intervention to restrict abortion: ‘He also says the government should play no role in personal decisions like abortion. He and his wife, Lola, and their three children livetheir lives pretty conservatively, he adds, but that doesn’t mean he wants someone at a desk telling him what to believe.’

This is not a pro-life politician. Even Democrats repeat this mantra.

Again in 2014, Zinke ran as a pro-choice politician. The press outlet reporting (again, from above) said, “On the Republican side, Ryan Zinke is running as a pro-choice candidate for the House in a deeply pro-life Republican Party, while on theDemocratic side, former Lieutenant Governor (and former Republican) John Bohlinger is running as a pro-life Democrat for the Senate. … While Zinke is far from a champion of reproductive rights, his voting record and statements on abortion are certainly at odds with his party’s views.

Once in Washington, Zinke kept his pro-choice views.

Zinke voted for two budget bills that contained funding for Planned Parenthood, including the December Omnibus agreement.(H.R. 2029,Vote 705,12/18/1

But how did Zinke vote on other issues pertinent to the Republican Party. The impartial party loyalty score aggregator, Legistats, speaks to this. Zinke served the legislature from 2009 to 2013. Let’s see how he did according to

2009 – Zinke finished second to last, with an F-grade.

In 2011, Zinke finished dead last in party loyalty.

After this, his performance in Washington did not improve, the subject of upcoming Zinke Files courtesy of Montana Daily Gazette, the #1 Conservative News Source in Montana.

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