Montana Constitution 1972 “Coup” (How NOT to do it) “The Con of all Cons”

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This article was submitted by Lark Chadwick.

Montana Constitution-rewritten in 1972

(A Progressive Coup)


Contribution from Eric Olsen:

“As you all know I have been adamant about our Montana 1972 Constitutional Convention being a runaway as we fear a National “Con Con” would end up.  

This report presents the path and decision process that led up to our Constitution being thrown out and the Green Constitution with initiative and referendum language. 

This was the plan the extreme Progressive democrats and early-stage environmental extremists had.  They were successful in their plan.  

Anyone watching the power extremists in America today knows that their plan would be the throw out our Constitution in the same manner.”

THE CONSTITUTIONAL INITIATIVE IN MONTANA Anthony Johnstone Anthony Johnstone, Professor (Associate), SchoolofLaw, UniversityofMontana, Missoula.

“There is ample evidence that the MT 1972 Con Con was set up to remove old 1889 and replace it with a progressive, living document.  Giving power to the majority to rule over the minority.  Also, the #1 issue on agenda for the 1972 Convention was the Environment.  

I have more to come exposing this coup.  

This of course is what the *con con today is about. [*push by Convention of States, for an Article V Convention to amend the US Constitution] To remove our great US Constitution and replacing it with a living document that will allow the simple majority to rule over the minority.

The critical phrases listed below are all Progressive and dangerous rhetoric included in the Montana Constitution 1972 version. They leaned heavily on allowing a simple majority to rule over the minority.”  

  • “the right to initiate Constitutional amendments . . . is an inherent right in a body politic whose Constitution is to be the embodiment of the will of the people.”
  • “All government of right originates with the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole.
  • “the function of the constitutional initiative as a direct expression of the popular sovereignty guaranteed by the Montana Constitution.”
  • “constitutional initiative petitions are the most common form of direct democracy in Montana
  • new social needs”
  • “the theme of popular control of a flexible Constitution sounded even more prominently”
  • “The main thrust of the proposed Constitution is toward openness and flexibility”

Montana’s new 1972 constitution was very narrowly passed by voters amid heated debate and controversy. It ushered in one of the most progressive decades in Montana history under Democratic Gov. Tom Judge.

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