Missoula County Mayhem-RE: “Election Integrity” (or lack thereof)

A middle-aged Caucasian man standing between two voting booth curtains opening up his jacket and exposing a bunch of round "I VOTED" stickers on his blue button down shirt while voting in the general election, which is election fraud or voter fraud when they are ballot stuffing. There is Red, White and Blue bunting and an American flag in the background of the polling station.

The con artists of Missoula are out to throw ethics to the wind and under the rug. It’s obvious what sneakiness they are up to when it comes to “Election Integrity,” and as usual, Brad Tschida is the shining hero.

Below is an excellent article submitted to Montana Daily Gazette by Travis Mateer. (Great work Travis). We trust you will be as enthralled as we are.

Why Is Missoula County “Beaming” About Election Integrity?

Posted on April 1, 2022, by Travis Mateer

by Travis Mateer

For two years, a cloud of suspicion has been hovering over Missoula County’s election process. Now, thanks to the efforts (which means money) of Missoula’s local Republican Central Committee, the clouds of suspicion, we are told, have dissipated.

Missoula County praised its election’s staff on Thursday after a paid recount of signature envelopes submitted during the 2020 General Election found that a private group’s allegations of election fraud were unfounded.

According to the Missoula County Elections Office, the recount conducted this week and funded by the local Republic Central Committee found a 0.09% difference from the 71,924 affirmation envelopes counted by the county in November 2020.

The recount found 71,853 affirmation envelopes, representing a discrepancy of just 71 envelopes.

So, was this private group just cognitively challenged, or were they playing out some fever fantasy implanted in their brain by Qanon? That speculation is left to the readers. The main takeaway is that the Democrats who run this town are REALLY happy that they can tell voters ALL IS WELL in Missoula County.

That’s why the former Montana Democrat spokesperson (Martin “Gomer” Kidston) chose the BEAMING verb for his article title, pairing it with the SINKING of the allegations this recount represents.

Can you feel the glee coming from Missoula officials?

To read this article in its entirety, click here. Submitted from Zoom Chrom Blog by Travis Mateer.


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