The “Fake” United States is Crushing “We the People”

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Today “The Constitutional County” Presents Part 2 (in a series of three) on the subject entitled “Jurisdiction.”

Not long ago, Montana Daily Gazette wrote Part 1 (which covered the topic of “Land/Jurisdiction”) and which you can read by clicking here.

We have written on Jurisdiction before (regarding there being two United States), but because the subject matter takes a bit to master, let’s review it.


“There are two United States, two different countries, both with the same name, both with virtually identical Constitutions, both operating out of the same Congress, but only one of which is required to abide by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are deceived into the Jurisdiction of the latter, believing it is the former.”

To be clear, both exhibit the terms “United States” and “America,” but there are staggering differences.

“The Constitution For the United States
of America”

“The Constitution Of the United
States of America”

FUSA (The Constitution For the United States of America) is #2. It is the federal zone, not the country, but has declared itself effectively its own country, and it is trying to gobble up the entire real countrypeople, place, subject matter—effectively ending the Constitutional Government of the people by the people, and for the people.

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“We the People” are to exhibit control over the government.

FUSA appears to have taken the position, however, that it has Jurisdiction when the land, people, or subject matter fall within its authority: only one condition has to be met. It has invented every conceivable means possible to pull persons into its Jurisdiction. Furthermore, in every shared authority situation, it assumes the superior position.

Therefore, it claims Jurisdiction beyond its already generously-claimed physical boundaries, which consist of:

• Everyone living in the federal zone
• Everyone working in the federal zone
• Everyone employed by FUSA wherever located (think the U.S. military)
• Everyone deriving benefits from FUSA wherever located (think Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid)
• Every company located in or doing business in the federal zone
• All international relations
• Anyone that volunteers to be a “citizen” of the United States by so declaring on an income tax form
• All matters that cross political boundaries—environment, global warming, COVID
• All matters that cross state boundaries—commerce, etc.
• All manufacturing within a state, even when solely for the purchase and use within the state, on the pretext the goods produced “could be” exported to another state (such as guns)

Let’s study a couple of these areas to give you an understanding of what we are trying to convey.

A. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid-

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Nothing the government ‘gives’ you is truly free

Each of these is controlled by the government (and not in a positive way and meant to enable and own you). For example-

  1. Social Security is a Social System that owns you (or aims to). In many areas, you can’t obtain a driver’s license without being signed up or buying certain products, or going to the college of your choice without submitting and receiving “your number.”
  2. Medicare and Medicaid (Government-run healthcare) can run your entire life. At some point, if you refuse the “governmental Covid Injections,” they will refuse to treat or care for you in other ways. Remember, the government wants to control you.
  3. Being a “Citizen on an Income Tax form” essentially means paying an “Income Tax.” Income Tax was admittedly “Voluntary” in the 70s and earlier. It is illegal to force people to pay taxes on their income.
Social Security And Taxes  Social Security Card stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
Income Tax and Social Security aim to own the people.

In short, the United States For America is involved in shifty business, which they have no right to be a part of concerning the life of American citizens.

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