Op-Ed “Pam Holmquist is Unfit to Lead Flathead County” Time for New Leadership


The following Op-Ed was submitted by Hannah Karev of Kila, Montana.

“Why Pam Holmquist is unfit to lead, and it’s time for new leadership.

Elections are near again, and there is no shortage of misinformation and shiny objects to steer your attention toward them and take your mind off what matters.

More than two years ago, Flathead County was stricken with a pandemic of fear. Although the Science was not adding up to the propaganda, petty tyrants wasted no time in seizing the opportunity to pounce on America’s God-Given natural rights. From the very partisan CDC down to the local health departments; governments worked hard to squash business owners, churches, and schools and labeled people Essential and Non-Essential as if the Government has that authority at all. Of Course, all of this was under the guise of “Public Health,” and they even went so far as to throw out Election Laws and disregard the obvious security concerns.

Times like this require calm, rational decision-making outside the media hysteria. This is where leadership matters, under stress and high pressure. Instead of looking at it with a clinical view, considering all the information, and making a rational decision, Pam panicked and bought into the hysteria herself. Along with then Commissioner Phil Mitchell, she changed her vote and withdrew from in-person elections, forcing all of Flathead County to submit their vote in a completely insecure and extremely heated political climate. Keep in mind that voting by mail was still an option. Predictably, this resulted in widespread documented voter fraud. Randy Brodehl, on the other hand, was the singular vote who stood by his oath and upheld the law and our rights. He demonstrated real leadership when it mattered most. Unfortunately, he was outvoted by his colleagues, who cowered under social pressure.

Moreover, after a county meeting, which I attended, Pam had already promised the citizens who showed up and expressed their demands unanimously to cast their ballots in person. Although Republicans still won, Thousands of illegal votes were cast as a result. The Democrats got exactly what they wanted, and they were able to steal the elections on a national level. This is a fact that Pam still will not admit, despite the overwhelming evidence presented to her. Now in 2022, nothing has changed. The same processes are in place, and Pam has refused to assist in any effort to change them, and well, you can be assured that more drama and hysteria will be used to do it again.

The troubling fact is that this is not an isolated incident. When it matters, and the heat is on, Pam has shown herself on numerous occasions to throw in with the establishment, fold like a lawn chair and act more like a puppet than a leader. Sadly, we don’t have time to mess around. Our nation is undergoing a cultural and political revolution, and NOT for the better.

We need strong leaders who demonstrate courage and tenacity and understand what is at stake. That is why I’m putting my chips on Jason Parce, an ambitious, young, and energized young man who is trained in law enforcement to make decisions under stress. He has shown integrity and commitment to the community most of his life; see for yourself at parceforcommissioner.com

Hannah Karev – Kila


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