Senator Theresa Manzella Endorses Jeff Jones: Bedey Inaccurate and Arbitrary-

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Article IV, Section 3 of the Montana Constitution states “Elections. The legislature shall provide by law the requirements for residence, registration, absentee voting, and administration of elections. It may provide for a system of poll booth registration and shall ensure the purity of elections and guard against abuses of the electoral process.”

The following Opinion Editorial was submitted by Senator Theresa Manzella.

“Election integrity is heavy on the hearts and minds of your conservative Montana legislators, as well as the vast majority of citizens in our country. Despite passing six good voter integrity laws last session, we have identified many more election-related vulnerabilities in our state statutes that need to be addressed prior to the 2022 midterm elections. Citizenship confirmation, a lack of verification of signatures at the polls, and timely sharing of death records are just a few of the issues we believe need to be statutorily secured.

Understanding today’s technology and the ability for wireless connectivity on the world wide web (through something as small as a sim card) is another area requiring credible, expert counsel. We, therefore, have been petitioning for a special select legislative committee to review our state statutes before the midterm elections to address identified vulnerabilities and secure the chain of custody from the voter registrations and rolls to the post-election audit.

Solutions Caucus member, ( r ) Rep. Dave Bedey, HD86, criticized true conservatives for “wasting” taxpayer dollars to secure and guard against the abuses of the electoral process, as is our Constitutional directive; opting instead to participate in a MACO “investigation,” which has no Constitutional basis or legislative authority. How productive can that investigation be since he’s obviously already made up his mind? His recent editorial about election security is filled with more inaccuracies than a Jon Tester campaign speech. For example, he arbitrarily assigned a cost of one-half million to $1 million to the endeavor, with no basis in reality for those amounts.

But we do know, for a fact, that Rep. Bedey voted to spend $1.6 million on fish cleaning stations, on 3 Montana bodies of water, as an amendment to HB5. This begs a malodorous question – besides providing cover for liberal republicans,- what is Bedey’s priority election security or fish entrails?

Mr. Jeff Jones has stepped up to challenge Bedey in HD 86. I encourage citizens to give Jeff Jones their full consideration.”

Faithfully for Freedom-

Sen Theresa Manzella – SD44

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