Jason Parce-Flathead County Commissioner Candidate-Wants to Hear from ‘We the People’

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After having just attended the Flathead County Republican Pachyderm County Commissioner debate (with four persons running for Flathead County Commissioner), one premise stood out so clearly among other topics.

The facts are in. Jason Parce stands for and with the community. Several times during the questioning process, Parce drove home time and again how imperative it is to be “involved in the community” and “service to the community is imperative” and again how he wanted to “connect with and hear from the community.”

Parce is not a man of empty words and promises. How exactly will he achieve this? Well, for Parce, it’s second nature as he just lives this way and has been immersed in community servant/leadership positions for numerous years, including his leadership and involvement with Special Olympics, working with children in need and the homeless to name a few heartfelt endeavors of his.

Parce’s parents taught him to serve others from a young age, so by nature, it’s in every part of his fiber. He shared there are “many, many very smart people” in Flathead County, and he intends to reach out and find them valuing their input.

“To love and care for people” wove throughout Parce’s vocabulary along with the importance of community input as he answered every question with confidence, confidence that yes, the “people of Flathead County need to be heard.”

Many who are in public office think they are listening but, in fact, take no heed to the cares of the citizens. Parce’s intent is to reach out to the entire Flathead County (not just Kalispell) but the entire geographical area. He cares as much about what folks in Kila have to say as he does those who live in Lakeside and up in Olney. Parce is young, energetic, and committed to traveling wherever he needs to go to connect with the residents of Flathead County.

Parce excels in communication skills, love for his fellow man, leadership abilities, service, and humility which all add up to a servant/leader who will work for and with ‘We the People.’

Jason Parce would love for you to email him at JJParce@protonmail.com -to learn more access his website here-parceforcommissioner.com

Our nation was founded on the very principle of ‘government of the people, by the people, and for the people.’

And that is precisely what Parce intends to accomplish by being accountable to ‘We the People’ at all times.


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