Devon Decker House District 11: Hard Working, Principled, Ready to Serve-‘We the People’


Montana Daily Gazette is honored to share Devon Decker’s interview with you, our readers. Devon is running for House District 11 and is hardworking, disciplined, motivated, and involved in serving ‘the people.’ You will be excited when you learn how impelled he is and desires what is best to preserve your freedoms and liberty.

MDG: Devon, what are the main reasons you chose to run for House District, and which issues do you think are of utmost importance?

“I want not just to investigate our state’s election integrity but also act on it. No more games; we must eliminate the election machines and return to hand-counting ballots. Health freedom for every Montanan is extremely important. No Montanan should be forced to partake in any medical procedure as a condition for participating in society ( i.e., getting a vaccination). Along with these’ school choice is very imperative. Parents should have school options they deem best for their children (i.e., homeschool co-ops or private schooling). Their tax dollars should then follow that student wherever they go. I feel we need more representatives that will stand firm for liberty and freedom and not back down in the face of those who threaten it. I am that man.

MDG: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

“I would have to say my most significant strength is my willingness to listen. That’s one reason I decided to run. Too many of our elected representatives (who’ve been in politics far too long) are beginning to ignore the wants of the people they represent. If I’m elected, I will always act on what the people demand of me and not on a party agenda.”

MDG: What do you think are several of the most pressing issues our state is facing?

“One issue that has been a problem in our state is the rising cost of living, particularly rent prices. We must work diligently in the legislature to ease the property tax burden on property owners, and in turn, rent costs should decline. Another key issue is Election Integrity. I’ve witnessed firsthand some major irregularities in our election process. We must work hard to rid our state of corruptible election machines and return to hand-counting our ballots.”

MDG: What area are you serving? (Where do you live)?

“My area encompasses House District 11. The district contains South Kalispell, Lakeside, and Somers as well portions of Kila.

MDG: Have you served in the legislature before, or is this your first campaign?

“This is my first time running for any public office. I feel I can bring a lot to the table. It is imperative that we elect public servants who will stand strong on their principles, and I am that public servant.”

Decker will always “Stand for Liberty” in all circumstances.

MDG: What was the deciding factor that made you want to run?

“I decided to run after what we all experienced during the “COVID pandemic.” We all just witnessed exactly just how easy it is for our local, state, and federal governments to take away our liberty and freedoms. I realized then we need leadership that will never sacrifice anybody’s liberty for the illusion of safety.”

MDG: What is your ‘everyday’ position/occupation?

“I am a welder at Nomad Global Communication Systems in Columbia Falls, MT. I love what I do. Even though I am running for HD11, I do not aspire to a political career. Once I accomplish my goals, I plan on returning to a normal life as a welder.”

Devon Decker -Hard Worker “I love what I do.”

MDG: Can you give us a little information about yourself and your family, including hobbies, etc.?

“My family and I moved to the Flathead in 2013. I graduated from Flathead High School in 2015 and FVCC in 2017 with an Associate in Welding and Fabrication. A hobby I recently picked up is archery. I enjoy all shooting sports really, and during the summer, I especially enjoy hiking Lone Pine State Park. In 2015 I completed my Eagle Scout Project at Lone Pine. I organized my woodshop class at FHS, and we built 40 bluebird houses and 30 bat houses for the park. I went on to earn the rank of Eagle Scout later in the year.”

MDG: What about Montana do you love the most?

“The thing I love the most about Montana is the culture. Montanans are by far the most neighborly people I have ever met but also value not just their own privacy but also everyone else’s. If the words “freedom” and “liberty” had a picture in the dictionary, it would be of Montana.”

MDG: We hear you’ve been endorsed by some prestigious groups. Can you share with us concerning that?

“Yes it’s been an intensive process answering questions for both ‘Restore Liberty’ and ‘Montanans For Limited Government’ as there’s a high standard, but it’s an honor to have been selected and endorsed by them. They take you through a serious process to ensure you’re the most qualified candidate.”

Devon that is really astounding. We are very excited for you and believe in what you represent and who you are as a person striving to do your very best for ‘We the People.’ We wish you much success in this race! We are proud of you!

To learn more about Devon’s campaign use the scan code below. If you feel led to donate to his campaign he would most surely appreciate it!

Another way you can donate to Decker’s campaign is to click here.


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  1. Devon’s opponent, Ronalee Skees, voted for lockdowns in the March 19, 2020, Health Board Meeting (it is public record). If she would vote for them once, she would vote for them again. If you want more lockdowns and tyranny, vote for her. If you want individual freedom and liberty, I strongly urge you to vote for Devon Decker.

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