(Holmquist)/Commissioners and (Pierson) County, Clerk/Recorder Fail to Perform Duties-Bonds Demanded-RE: Election Integrity

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The time has come. Numerous citizens of Flathead County have quite frankly had ENOUGH. Citizens have questioned the integrity of the election (2020), and the current County Commissioners need to come clean. Residents have demanded action concerning election integrity. Time and again, the Flathead County Commissioners have been approached and simply ignored the requests of “the people.” You can read here to see how they failed to respond when the citizens requested what you see below in regard to the 2020 Election.

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Simply stated, all of the Flathead County Commissioners (Pam Holmquist Chair) and Clerk and Recorder (Debbie Pierson) completely ignored the requests sent to them where they needed to be transparent and accountable- RE: 2020 Elections.

This poses a SERIOUS PROBLEM. Fast forward to 2022, and we’re STILL EXPERIENCING THE SAME PROBLEMS!

This is where we are now. This is where the “BOND” comes into place. “Failure to Faithfully Perform Their Duties” and a violation of the public trust are where the citizens become heavily involved in the 2020 election and the upcoming 2022 election.

Pam Holmquist and the other commissioners owe the people an explanation for their inexplicable behavior/disregard of ‘the peoples’ concerns.

What exactly is a “BOND?”

There is an original charter of Flathead County.

The founders pledged their bonds on March 1, 1893, in order to create the county. In essence, bonds are finances backing up one’s trustworthiness and good intentions. If an elected official “Fails to Faithfully Perform Their Duties” (such as ignoring the peoples’ requests as you see in the blue chart above), then the “posted bonds” will become their loss. (See original Flathead County Charter below).

Original Flathead County Charter above- the year is 1893-Founders pledged their bonds to create Flathead County

In the State of Montana, the following persons must acquire and purchase bonds per Montana Code Annotated:

Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 7. Bonds of County Officers and Employees

County Officers And Employees To Be Bonded

2-9-701. County officers and employees to be bonded. (1) All elected and appointed county officers and employees must be bonded for the faithful performance of all official duties required by law.

(2) A bond may cover an individual officer or employee, or a blanket bond may cover all officers and employees or any group or combination of county officers and employees.

On April 7, 2022, citizens of Flathead County present the current County Commissioner with the three following documents.

If the current County Commissioners (Pam Holmquist Chair) and Clerk/County Recorder (Debbie Pierson) spurn their responsibilities and do not remedy the issues contained therein, they will be in jeopardy of having to forfeit their bonds.

In conclusion, a bond is similar to an insurance policy that backs up a person of good performance. If an elected official/employee abdicates or relinquishes their responsibilities or breaks the law, the citizens can intervene and demand their bond be revoked.

It is beyond time for new county leaders to obtain leadership positions and challenge an establishment that lost its way.


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  2. I’m not sure why we should use any electronic machines. They pose multiple points of vulnerability, they cost more than hand-counting, and they are far less easy to audit and contain proprietary information that does not allow one to look at what their code allows them to do. They also conveniently allow for the deletion of information that they clearly should note. Make ballots public property open for audits, move to smaller precincts counted by locals, and save money and ensure election integrity. There is literally no reason to use any machine other than laziness.


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