Jason Parce: Flathead County Commissioner Candidate-Highly Qualified with Unique Attributes


Recently Montana Daily Gazette interviewed Jason Parce of Flathead County, who is running for the position of County Commissioner. We were astounded at how highly qualified Parce is for the role of Commissioner on every level. We know you will be amazed when you read the article.

MDG: Jason, can you please share why you personally decided to run for office with us?

“First off, I desire to serve my community at a higher level. It is very important to give the citizens of Flathead County an active role in the executive decision-making process. Safeguarding the Constitutional rights of every citizen in our county is a high priority in ensuring election credibility. I aim to provide common sense, proactive and responsible leadership in addressing the issues of homelessness, mental health issues, addiction, and crime. I especially enjoy new challenges and opportunities and am young, healthy, and motivated.”

No description available.Jason Parce-exceptionally skilled and capable to serve Flathead County-

MDG: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

“I am highly skilled in working with finances. The role of County Commissioner requires one to be fiscally responsible, and I possess that quality. It is very imperative when dealing with the taxpayers’ money to understand this area fully. Also, my ability to communicate effectively is an essential asset, along with being able to receive criticism well. Problem-solving is a strength of mine that is crucial. I understand how to serve people less privileged in our community due to years of experience in that area. Helping to navigate obtainable and affordable housing and understanding how to oversee overwhelming growth county-wide and infrastructure are key. 

Medical freedom (which essentially means the right of each individual to make their own healthcare decisions without coercion) is absolutely imperative. The Montana State Constitution grants each individual the right to ‘bodily autonomy.’ Adherence to individual rights and a working knowledge of the Constitution is vital for one running for the position of County Commissioner.”

MDG: What makes you unique or qualified for the position of County Commissioner?

“Serving the community and reaching people where they are at is a special quality I possess. Since 2008 I’ve had the privilege to serve in Head Start (reading to small children), Special Olympics, Flathead CARE (Community Awareness Response Education), and The Warming Center. I love people and get great satisfaction from helping those in need. I understand homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues and know how they relate to crime. While working in law enforcement, I felt that my volunteer service to the community truly underscored what it meant to protect and serve. My involvement with these various organizations has provided me with a unique understanding of our community and lasting relationships. Also, I aim to reach the entire county by traveling to each portion of the county, seeking out input from the citizens. This is desperately needed in our area.

No description available. Jason Parce cheering on his Special Olympic friends.

MDG: What area are you serving, and where do you live?

“I live in District 2, but as County Commissioner, I’d be serving the entire Flathead County. I live and reside in Bigfork.”

MDG: Have you ever run for office before, or is this your first time?

“This is my first time running for office; I enjoy the challenge and appreciate this opportunity.”

MDG: What was the deciding factor that made you want to run?

“I have been serving my community as a peace officer for over 15 years and therefore have an intimate understanding of issues in our community that affect everyone. Serving my community on a different level is one of my greatest goals.”

MDG: What is your “every day” position?

“I spent the last 15 years as a Law Enforcement Officer.”

MDG: Can you give us a little bit of history about yourself and your family, including hobbies, etc.?

“I was born and raised in Moscow, Idaho. My mother was a public education teacher, and my father was a financial advisor. I have an older sister and a younger brother. My three dogs are a very important part of my life and my faithful companions. I attended the University of Idaho, where I studied Criminal Justice and Sociology. In 2006 I moved to Nevada and began my career in law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff. In 2008 I moved to Kalispell and began my career with the Kalispell Police Department. I enjoy the outdoors, especially hunting, fishing, and boating.”

No description available.Parce’s faithful pals-Cairo, Chester, and J.J.

MDG: What do you love about Montana the most?

“I enjoy the access to outdoor recreation and open spaces as well as the diversity of our seasons. The freedom we have in Montana, conservative values, and limited government make Montana the best state in the nation. I have lived in Montana for 14 years.”

To learn more about Jason Parce, scan the code above, which leads to his website. You can donate to his campaign there as well or click here.

Jason, thank you so much for allowing us the privilege to interview you! Obviously, you are greatly qualified for the position of Flathead County Commissioner, and we wish you much success!


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