Bozeman: Diesel thieves boldly steal large quantities


BOZEMAN, Mont. — Rising gas prices could bring a rise in gas thefts.

“We’ve seen an increase of it since fuel prices have started rising, but it hasn’t become as prevalent in our community as it has in some others across the nation,” said Chris Randle, operations sergeant with the Bozeman Police Department.

The department reports three recent diesel thefts. Each time over 100 gallons was stolen.

The last theft happened this past weekend.

“It can be siphoned in from vehicles, from diesel storage tanks that are left unlocked, any type of storage device that’s easy to get to, and that is in a concealed or dark area, where it’s not visible from streets or other houses and things of that nature,” Randle said.

AAA says prices are starting to stabilize, but across the country and in Montana, costs remain above $4 a gallon.

“Diesel has climbed even faster than regular unleaded,” said Morgan Dean, a AAA spokesperson.

You can read the rest of the story here. This article was first published by NBC Montana and written by Emma Wulfhorst.

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