Flathead County: Dr. Al Olszewski Wins Congressional Debate-(Candidates Highlighted Within-Minus Zinke)

You're going to do great

The room was packed; anticipation was at an all-time high as four candidates running for the second Montana U.S. Representative Congressional Seat took the platform. Candidates in attendance were Mitch Heuer, Matt Jette, Mary Todd, Dr. Al Olszewski, and Ryan Zinke (oh wait, Zinke declined in typical Zinke fashion).

Frank Miele did an outstanding job as moderator, and the questions posed were thought-provoking and ranged from “Freedom of Speech and Social Media” to “Is Gender a Civil Rights Issue?”

We have dedicated a bit of space below to get to know each candidate’s views (along with MDG commentary) and then conclude at the end.

Mitch Heuer: Mitch is a builder, businessman, and entrepreneur and claims to have answers for the mass shooting crisis, transportation crisis, and desires to motivate the younger generation. Heuer believes in a strong military presence. Heuer believes in American invasion and going to war “boots on the ground” concerning the Russian/Ukraine war by way of “air assault” against Russia (you could hear distraught groans from the audience). Even George Washington steered clear of foreign affairs and made no bones about it. The candidate dug a deeper hole when he shared that “We should look into getting different election machines and use hand voting as a backup.” (The crowd glanced over their glasses at each other on that remark). Heuer found it difficult to answer some questions fully and endorsed the Constitutional Convention-several times in fact-(the amending of our Constitution), which was followed by a hush in the crowd when mentioned. Heuer was solid in his beliefs that life begins at conception and full 2nd Amendment rights but was not well studied enough in several areas to be able to pull off the 2nd U.S. House of Representative Congressional Seat.

Matt Jette: Matt is from a military family, graduated from Harvard, and has endured numerous physical trials. Jette has been on Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security and understands those programs. When asked if life began at conception, he stated, “Yes…but…what about the mother if……(meaning he believes there are exceptions), to which a muffled groan was expressed by several present in the room. He used the word “Democracy” several times (which made us wonder if he understood we are actually a Constitutional Republic). While Jette fully backed the 2nd Amendment and the “Deportation no Amnesty” question, he was too controversial on hot topics to be a serious candidate for the Congressional Seat. One thing, however, we can all agree on was when he stated, “I’m running to keep Zinke out,” to which the crowd applauded with glee.

Mary Todd: Mary Todd resides in the Flathead Valley, is a wife, mother, and businesswoman, and pastored a church for several years. Mary demands election integrity, fights for the unborn, believes in energy independence, and so many good and righteous things along with deportation and securing our borders. However, Mary is OBSESSED with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) in hopes of abolishing them altogether (or so it appears). While this may seem fine and well (and yes, it’s a very worthy goal), it’s a VERY DANGEROUS ONE. Being over the top and so blatant about it might not be the best route to go. Todd is a cheerleader of sorts, and she must have stated at least four times, “When I’m Congresswoman,” to which statement part of the audience grimaced (a bit too “politicianish” for many). Todd has great intent in many areas and good ideas; however, she is just not experienced enough to handle Washington D.C. (even though she thinks she is and compares herself to Trump, who was “never in politics” before becoming President). She appears to possess a bit of “illusions of grandeur,” and even if she were to win, she’d end up spending half her time trying to navigate “D.C. Protocol,” and Montanans simply don’t have time for that. Todd is highly emotional and knows how to “work the crowd,” but her depth of understanding of the intricacies it takes to pull off the “Congressional Seat” just isn’t there.

Our final candidate highlight is Dr. Al Olszewski.

Dr. Al Olszewski: Dr. Al is the father of a large family, the husband of a wonderful wife, and resides in Kalispell, Mt, where for 20 years, he practiced medicine as an orthopedic surgeon worldwide. Al Olszewski was voted the ‘Flathead Valley’s Best Orthopedic Surgeon’ every year past 2018. Dr. Al also has much political experience in the Montana political arena yet is a true “Constitutional Conservative” outsider when it comes to matters concerning D.C. He cannot be swayed by either party and yet understands Washington D.C. WELL. Simply stated, Al Olszewski is a brilliant man and completely qualified to serve Montana as Montana’s U.S. Representative for Congress in every way. Dr. Al doesn’t talk about the southern border; he GOES to the border. He is pro-life, pro-gun, pro-deportation, pro-impeach Biden, and pro-Montana, sacrificing everything but his family for the state he loves. He has spent countless hours learning what it takes to fulfill this role for several years.

He is a deep and 3-dimensional thinker and beat out the other candidates by staying the closest on track with the questions presented to him by the moderator. When asked if Gender were a “Civil Rights” issue? He stated, “It’s a child abuse issue,” to which the crowd cheered with deep gratitude. When asked if “America should be involved in the Russian/Ukraine war,” he stated, “We are not the world’s policemen.” (The crowd was overjoyed). When asked about issues concerning Biden and inflation, he replied, “the Balkan Oil fields have enough oil to supply us with energy for 2000 years!” and “Inexpensive fossil fuels are the answer to American inflation!” Dr. Al is for Jim Jordan and (against Kevin McCarthy-California) who donated to Zinke’s campaign-which speaks volumes about Zinke. Zinke is paid off by Washington, while Dr. Al is Montana’s man. The good Doctor is good for Montana. He is the only candidate with Conservative experience and can’t be bought out because he’s a true Montana Conservative.

Dr. Al won the “Straw Poll” Tuesday evening but he needs all of you to vote for him this June.

Montana DESPERATELY needs Dr. Al Olszewski to fill the 2nd Montana U.S. Representative Congressional Seat. Therefore, vote wisely on June 7th in the primary.

and as for that “OTHER CANDIDATE”…..

Ryan Zinke: ………………………………………………………….


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