Where’s Waldo? Better Yet, Where’s Zinke? (Scared, Shaking in His Boots, and Embarrassed) video footage included-


Ryan Zinke is an escape artist. He had been approached since January (several times, in fact) by folks in Flathead County with four possible dates for a Congressional debate (which just recently took place on Tuesday night at the college). Zinke was too rude to reply because he ignores people and especially those who scare him. And when it came to debating in Flathead County, he BAILED. It was, in fact, just recently that Zinke stated he would “not be available” for the aforementioned debate at the college as “his schedule would not allow it.”

Coincidentally Dr. Al Olszewski, along with a few other candidates running for Montana U.S. Representative Congressional seat, will just happen to be speaking at the Eagles Club in Kalispell this evening, Thursday, April 21st, at 6 pm, and Zinke will be hiding out just like Waldo does.

Miraculously though, ONE DAY LATER (Friday at high noon), sneaky Zinke will spring out of thin air to then speak tomorrow (BY HIMSELF NO LESS) in the same building but rather on the bottom floor. Scared much, Zinke? You should be. Dr. Al did an excellent job and won the “Straw Poll” at the Tuesday evening’s debate meaning he’s the people’s choice for Congressional Candidate in Flathead County. It would be hard to lose your own home county, wouldn’t it, Zinke?

Oh, but there’s more. Ryan Zinke isn’t even scheduled to speak in May in Whitefish, Montana, WHERE HE WAS RAISED! And ironically, the debate in that overbearing little tourist town is at the same Jr. High he attended as a kid!!

Ryan Zinke thinks it’s “no contest” to debate the peons in Flathead County (and other counties). But the real truth is HE’S SCARED WITLESS!

Watch the video in the linked article (by Roy McKenzie), which shows Zinke being held accountable (when he spoke ten months ago in Flathead County) and where he got roasted and left like a puppy with his tail between his legs.

Don’t let him fool you; he’s frightened to death of Flathead County as he should be. Zinke sucks off the Washington money machine and lives in California; he doesn’t give one rip about Flathead County or the rest of Montana.

Montanans deserve Dr. Al Olszewski as Montana’s Congressional Representative, who loves and works tirelessly for our glorious state.


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