United States: Severe Food Shortages Coming-Attacks Under Way

Hungry boy with beautiful eyes waiting for dinner. Holding empty plate in his hands

Over the past six months, abominable attacks have occurred targeting food supply processors. Azure Standard’s (for example) “headquarters” (a wonderful company that provides food and supplies to health food stores and home co-ops) was burned down as were other food supply processors. At least one supplier was destroyed by an airplane! Azure Standard is “the USA’s largest independent food distributor.”

It’s no mistake that our “food supply system” is under attack as many in our nation want us not independent enough to feed or care for ourselves. A local health food store owner in Flathead County recently stated that he was certain “they are trying to starve us out; what I have to charge customers is insane because of the high prices I’m forced to buy it at!”

Plan accordingly means STOCK UP NOW!

You can read more about food supply damage here.

Do NOT WAIT. Store up and stock up now.


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