Dr. Dave Ingram House District 7: Intelligent, Accomplished, Experienced (Family and Child Advocate)


Montana Daily Gazette recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Dave Ingram, who is running for House District 7 and resides in Flathead County. We were mesmerized by Ingram’s intelligence, commitment to excellence, heart for service, and strong moral fiber, which were evident throughout the entire interview process.

MDG: Dr. Dave, can you please share with us the most crucial reasons you are running for House District?

Yes, I feel most certain that timing is highly critical. The frustration of having a Republican majority in the House and Senate, yet they are not passing numerous bills because of a significant lack of adherence to the Republican platform and promises made in my district. I want to be that change and contribute to that end. I am strongly supportive of the MT GOP party platform and want to advance it and build on the accomplishments of the 67th legislature. Working to combat Activist Judges from legislating from the bench is an avid goal of mine. Supporting ways to exempt social security and veterans’ pensions from taxation is a high aspiration I aim to accomplish.

Recognizing that we must all participate in representative government to protect the rights that we have inherited gives me no other choice but to run for House District. My main concern is our infrastructure, and what I mean by that is not roads and roundabouts, which are capably handled by the commissioners and council members, but critical infrastructure, meaning our children, is what I aim to focus on. We must protect parents’ rights to be the decision-makers regarding their children’s education and upbringing. I want to empower parents and grandparents to facilitate their involvement in their children’s lives and education without interference from those who would seek to limit them. If we lose our children, it won’t matter how quickly you can travel “Reserve Drive.”

MDG: What would you consider to be your greatest strengths?

“My faith is strong, as are my conservative values and a love for this great country and its Constitution and laws. As a doctor, I’ve had a career comprised of years of experience listening to and representing folks during high-stress times where we’ve made difficult decisions together. Additionally, as their physician, I have significant expertise in interacting with the system on their behalf. I have experience with lobbyists by another name – drug and equipment reps. I am their worst nightmare, “A man who doesn’t need anything.” In my medical career, I became familiar with committee work, bylaws reviews, contracts, and ethics, also serving as a section and department chair and director. The ability to assimilate large amounts of data and critically analyze it to determine the best path with my patients/constituents is a true qualifier for whatever will come my way in ‘The People’s House.’ Having held multiple leadership positions has allowed me to hone and refine my skills in making decisions that affect other individuals and their lives.”

Dr. Dave truly “Cares for Kalipsell” and is the best choice!

MDG: What do you believe to be some of the most pressing issues our state is facing?

“Preserving our way of life during this period of accelerated growth is crucial. Enacting legislation to protect children, empower parents, and support traditional family values is something I will strive to guard and preserve at all costs. Ensuring our healthcare freedom and protecting citizens from federal overreach and unconstitutional mandates is of utmost importance. Jealously protecting our States’ Rights is my passion. The ramifications of the national “open border” policy have increased drug deaths, human trafficking, crime, and many other social ills. These will all have to be addressed immediately. We must safeguard our gun rights and combat federal governmental overreach concerning censorship, education, and voter integrity. Obtainable housing, inflation, energy costs, and security are also areas that will impact us as consumers and also our ability to support our farmers’ and ranchers’ ability to continue production.”

MDG: What area are you serving, and where do you live?

“House District 7 encompasses the core of Kalispell from Meridian on the west to Willow Glen to the east and approximately Russell Elementary to the North and 18th street to the South. I have lived in precinct 3 of District 7 for over 30 years. We moved here in 1991 and have lived in Kalispell in District 7 throughout that time. Having grown up in New Jersey and getting here as soon as I could, I know how precious life is in Montana and what we have to lose.”

MDG: Have you ever run for office before, or is this your first time?

“This is my first attempt at running for public office; however, I have been a lifelong conservative who has held many elected positions within the medical community, including Section Chief, Department Chairman, Anesthesia Director, and President of 140 physicians NORTHWEST MONTANA PHYSICIAN GROUP.

Dr. Dave Ingram-skilled and experienced physician

MDG: How long have you been in politics and serving the public?

I have been interested in politics since my college years, having gone to a very liberal university and medical school on the East coast.  I have engaged in public service throughout my adult life. However, during my medical career, I have strived to limit my opinions to healthcare concerns to put my patients and their family’s needs first and ignore conflict. Since retiring from OR practice and direct patient care, I now feel able to participate fully in another path of community service. One important thing that I learned in both medicine and as a youth sports coach is people are very forgiving regarding themselves, but if you harm their children, they will remember you forever. Children are to be protected at all times and in every regard.”

MDG: What was the deciding factor that prompted you to run for office?

“The open position in my district (terming out of our current representative) and the desire to ensure that a conservative candidate would represent our district to contribute to the success of republican legislative efforts prompted me to run. Recognizing the obligation to our children and grandchildren to pass on what has so dearly been paid for by prior generations was a huge deciding factor. Also, professionally, I feel the need to protect the provider-patient relationship and healthcare freedom from federal interference.”

MDG: Dave, it seems that Montanans For Limited Government has endorsed you. Is that correct?

“Yes, that’s correct. It is an in-depth process of answering a very intricate set of questions but well worth it and a very important endorsement.”

Dr. Dave is endorsed by Montanans For Limited Governemnt-(a high honor)

MDG: What is your “every day” position?

“As a semiretired physician who is now only involved in some administrative duties, I can pursue my own physical health and fitness. I currently support my wife, a nurse practitioner, as she continues a reduced schedule, with food shopping and a passion for cooking.”

MDG: Can you please give us a little information about yourself and your family, including hobbies, etc.?

“My family (like many in Montana) is very physically active. I am proud of my two children, who have earned 15 varsity letters at Flathead High School between them. They enjoy skiing when they return to Montana. My wife and I enjoy hiking, biking, and kayaking. Personally, I enjoy hunting, shooting, and reloading. I am also an avid reader and find books on political and cultural behavior of special interest. I keep spiritually involved in a local church as well.”

Dave enjoying the “last best place”-Montana
Ingram enjoying his close-knit family

MDG: What about Montana do you love the most?

The people. Montanans are rugged individuals that are self-sufficient and independent. The natural beauty of the land and the seasons are magnificent. The “big state, small town’ atmosphere that pervades most of the state is captivating. All these things and the freedoms that we enjoy here (which have been lost in most of the country) have drawn me to this great state and are why others come.”

Dr. Dave, we are so pleased to get to know you more fully, and as our readers grasp all you intend to accomplish, we are certain they will be as incredibly impressed with your experience and abilities in numerous areas as we are! We believe you are capable of anything you set your mind to and are highly qualified for the position of House District 7. We wish you all the best! Thank you again for your time

If you’d care to donate to Dr. Dave’s campaign, please scan the code below (where you can find out more) or click here. He’d be most appreciative!


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