Opinion Editorial: Hungry Horse Resident “Cuts Loose”-Endorses Jason Parce


The following Opinion Editorial was written and submitted to Montana Daily Gazette by Hungry Horse resident Willie Douglass-

Dear Editor:

“It’s time to spring clean our county house of the “Big City” style of political patronage as exhibited by the “Boss Tweeds” of the Flathead, such as. Holmquist, Skees, and their merry band of elitists as they joyfully exercised their voter-granted power by locking down the county at the March 19, 2020, Health Board meeting.

That vote tortured the elderly, frightened school children and parents, and destroyed many small businesses.

Character counts, folks. We need a Commissioner who has a record of selfless service and integrity.

If you want a “Big City Chicago Style” type of Commissioner, vote for Holmquist. She has reigned for 12 years and wants 6 more!

If, however, you want a Commissioner of the Common People, one who believes in the freedom to make our own decisions about the health and welfare of our families, vote for Jason Parce.

As the song by Country Music Legend Merle Haggard goes, “Big city turn me loose and set me free.”

Willie Douglass – Hungry Horse


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