Flathead RINO Jack Fallon-Massacres and Twists Montana State Constitution (Video Footage Within)


Fallon claims he’s a Conservative (Republican), but nothing could be further from the truth. Fallon is a Trustee of School District 5 in Kalispell, Montana. The fallible RINO pulled some very bad and very unconstitutional moves as a school board trustee. How can a candidate claim he’s “conservative” and yet speaks things that are so utterly contrary to the Montana State Constitution? Fallon has zero concept of how to navigate the MSC and therefore made a royal mess out of his speaking time during a school board meeting in February 2021. To put it mildly, “Fallon twisted and manipulated the MSC to make it fit his agenda.”

He claims in the video below that Montanans have the right to a clean environment, and he’s correct; however, masking children is NOT HEALTHY and is FILTHY, as was addressed and proven at a prior School District 5 board meeting where a parent brought in a machine that measures oxygen levels when a child is masked. A Flathead High School student wore a mask to demonstrate a point, and her oxygen levels dropped dangerously low. In the fall of 2020 Affidavits of Harm and Liability were presented to the Flathead County Commissioners which contained examples of students and teachers who got very ill from Staph infections and other ailments from forced masking. In the video below Fallon aimed to extend masking for students as most teachers had not been vaccinated yet- (nowhere in the MSC does it state that a teacher’s rights are more important than students because it simply doesn’t exist).

Furthermore, Montana Daily Gazette has received reports of 20 deaths via the “Covid Vaccine” in Flathead County alone. Fallon’s idea of ‘cleanliness and health’ are marred. Flathead High School students have been faint and fainted, had asthma attacks, had to leave school, and skipped school because of forced abusive masking. He goes on to say the Constitution states to “seeking their safety, health, and happiness” (these kids were neither “safe or happy”-remember the suicides)?

Fallon believes in “collectivism” (groupthink) whereas the Montana State Constitution is based on individual freedoms and especially in the area of ‘bodily autonomy’ meaning one has the right to decide what’s best for one’s own health and the MSC clearly states that.

School board members such as Fallon masked and quarantined kids, which was an absolute indicator of teen suicide. Read here to follow MDG’s article on Flathead High School’s incompetence in that regard. (Watch till the end where Fallon harshly rebukes a parent).

Fallon is dangerous. He should not have authority over children and he most certainly should not be in headship over a county.

Vote NO this June 7th, no to Fallon for commissioner.


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