Flathead County Political Yard Signs-“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.”

Yes and no concept.

Sometimes we all just need a good hard reality check. We need someone to ‘guide us’ into the reality of the situation where black is black and white is white (no muddying of the matter). Well, that is exactly what we’re aiming to do. You won’t need to guess as it will be crystal clear who you should be ‘following’ and learning about and voting for in the June 7 Primary election. Those who fully follow the Constitution and are ethical are who you should be voting for.

Now that we are currently drowning in a sea of political yard signs...there are some things you should be very aware of.

The typical “voter” doesn’t really have a clue who to vote for, so they:

A. (Choose not to vote at all)-bad idea-

B. (Drive by even more quickly, pretending they didn’t see the 5-yard signs in someone’s yard)

C. (Call someone or message them begging, “PLEASE! tell me who to vote for cuz I don’t know!)

D. (Or simply didn’t even register to vote due to laziness)


Be informed, do your homework and for Pete’s sake, read Montana Daily Gazette articles and tell your friends to!

When you see the following signs (whether they are in a yard, by the highway, or on a truck remember these words,

  1. Liberty
  2. Individual Rights
  3. Conservative values
  4. Constitutionalists
  5. Excellence in all areas
  6. And do NOT vote for people who do not exhibit the qualities listed above
Here’s a great starting lineup that fills the qualities of numbers 1-5 above.

We met Dr. Dave Ingram along the way, who’s running against RINO Courtenay Sprunger-click here to read about Sprunger and tap the blue to learn about Dr. Dave.

Looking sharp, Doctor Dave keeps standing for parental rights and other great principles!

We ran into Mark Noland running for Senate District 5 (Noland is skilled, experienced, and should do great).

Next, we spied Braxton Mitchell, young, smart, and full of life and a great candidate! Read about Mitchell’s past accomplishments in the legislature here. (David August is a great community servant and always willing to help out; read here). And there’s Dr. Annie, whose top concern is serving people (learn more about her here.)

Further up the highway, we spotted Devon Decker, a hot new candidate on the scene. To learn more about this awesome young man, click here.

Bukacek, Decker, Parce, and Mitchell- Excellent!

Some folks just stand WAY OUT! David Dunn is an excellent and experienced candidate. Remember the name-Dunn-remember the number ….8. You can read about Dunn’s incredible accomplishments here.

No photo description available.
David Dunn stands out in a crowd!

(And some ‘sign holders’ just get excited and enthusiastic about supporting their favorite candidates!) We were thrilled to spot Maddie Howard in the line-up! Howard is running for County Clerk and Recorder and plans to “Fire the Machines” (voting machines, that is!) Read about Howard’s opponent Debbie Pierson here.…oooops this isn’t so good.


John Fuller is an amazing candidate for Senate District 4 (you can see his write-up here), and his opponent? Lee Heustis? Well, who knows? He didn’t even show up for his own debate against Fuller, so he might not be such a great choice.

This is Pam Holmquist, and below her is Ronalee Skees-it’s best to study them in detail before making any type of voting decision. You can learn more about these candidates here and here and here and here.

Best to steer clear of this next batch of signs-this is swampland. Look out!

Sprunger, Fallon, Waterman, and FALLON AGAIN-Big No.

Don’t forget about our favorite Candidate for Congressional Seat! Dr. Al!-Conservative Candidate, Conscientious and Experienced.

Vote Dr. Al-best there is!

And for the GRAND FINALE-This is an incredible piece! (We mean Parce 🙂 ) Fine enough to set on an easel. Jason Parce is a gem of a candidate. He understands homelessness, addiction, crime, and housing! (If you don’t want to see Flathead County turn into Seattle or Portland then VOTE PARCE!!! he’s by far the best candidate to fulfill the role of Flathead County Commissioner. To read more about this fantastic candidate, click here.


Get informed, get registered, and get those ballots out!


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